Wild Wild Left Radio #89 Joe Bageant Returns!

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Our Topics This Week:

Tonight Joe Bageant returns to WWL Radio, with tales from his recent book tour for “Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir,” flashbacks to Leary and HST interviews and a little perspective on the American psychosis as an observable phenomenon from a beach hut in Belize.


Now living in a small lake community in Mexico, Joe might just get to opine on the events in Tenacatita as well, if Dobie can uplink to the show.

Joe is one of the brightest and the best, and a funny and sweet man. He gets the Lefts, and gets it from a ground-level position. He’s one of us, only, well….. smarter 🙂 Come enjoy the show!

Please join us for the only “out there where the buses don’t run” LEFT perspective with interviews, op/eds and straight talk without the hand-wringing PC that has crippled our movement!

Controversy? We face it. Cutting Edge? We step over it. Revolutions start with information, and The Wild Wild Left Radio brings you the best in information and op/eds from a position that others on the Left fear to tread…. all with a grain shaker of irreverent humor.

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