Uniformed Military Academy Cadets on Glenn Beck 20101112. Updated

I scanned the recommended and recent diaries and found no entry for this.  I usually do not refer to The SOBber by his real name, but thought that it might be important to do so to get your attention.  Airing as I write this, the entire studio audience of the aforementioned show consist of uniformed United States Military Academy Cadets, aka West Point cadets.

Something seems to be quite out of order for this to happen.  Whilst it might not be a violation of law, it certainly is a violation of good sense.  Several things come to mind.  Please follow below the fold.

First, The SOBber’s show is overtly political, even though he is not asking for donations for any particular candidate.  The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from appearing in an official capacity for overtly political reasons.  The restrictions on military personnel are even greater.

Second, I am sure that all of these cadets did not decide on their own that it was acceptable for them to appear on that show in uniform.  If any or all of them wanted to view from the live audience in civilian clothes, that would still be a little iffy but certainly more acceptable.

This begs the question:  who at the Military Academy authorized their appearances in uniform?  Or was it from someone even higher than the Commandant of the Military Acadamy?

Third, who thought that this was a good idea?  Obviously, someone did or they would not have been there, once again, in uniform (to add insult to injury, they are wearing little nametags that are not Academy regulation issue).

Forth, who is going to be reprimanded or have a career ended for this?  I would not take it out on the cadets, because I am almost positive that they have been either cleared or more likely ordered to appear.

Fifth, how were the particular cadets chosen to appear on the program?  The studio certainly is not large enough for even a single class, let alone the entire Acadamy.

Sixth, will it even make a single wave that this has happened?  I hope so.  There is something going on here, and unless at the end of the show the announcement is made that these were actors in costumes, something is really amiss.  It that announcement is made, I will update this post and apologize for wasting your time.

What do you think?

UPDATE:  as the program progressed, it became more and more clear that these were West Point cadets, and in the back row were several big brass folks with a chest full of ribbons.

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  1. asking some hard questions?

    Warmest regards,


  2. … parent’s permission, this is different than being a college aged student where you sign a contract w/ the US government for so many years in return for the education.

    I don’t do Glenn Beck, other than I see how he manipulates his religious audience,  so I’m not going to research and give him more publicity that he doesn’t need.  

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