The Obama Agenda

The Obama Agenda has been a victory for the Corporate Monopolies, WallStreet looters, NeoCons, Warmongers, Orwellian Police-Statists, Human Torture enthusiasts, the Elites, and anti-Democratic Government Secrecy/Coverup as our form of “justice”.

But it looks now that Obama will screw the common people even more by embracing an upcoming agenda that just not long ago was once totally unthinkable coming from any member of the Democratic Party.

  • He wants to agree with the Republicans to give massive tax cuts for the richest 1% — creating over a TRILLION dollars of brand new Debt.

    This when we are already over $60 TRILLION dollars in debt, and the (private) Federal Reserve (e.g. Goldman Sachs) is printing-up money fast (and destroying our purchasing power) in a vain effort to keep up.

  • He wants to now make deep CUTS in Social Security Benefits, and make poor old people starve in order to “bring down the deficit” that his own Tax Policy (see above), futile Foreign Occupations, and Bankster Bailouts  — all of which benefit only the wealthy — have produced.  But there is no reversal for those debt-generating policies.
  • He wants to now extend the corrupt and hopeless Afghanistan War/Occupation until the year 2014, before even thinking about beginning to “withdraw” any troops.
  • He wants to now ship our jobs over to South Korea, and reward Multinational Corporations, by supporting a new NAFTA-like South Korean “Free Trade” (outsource) bill — which of course will lead to higher unemployment, and even lower local U.S. manufacturing.


Obama never met a fight that he didn’t preemptively concede and abdicate over into the hands of either wealthy Corporations, the Republicans, or Neocons.  

This man has no imagination, no soul, and no heart. Just to demonstrate how easy it would be to create a simple counter narrative (to the GOP’s Tax Policy):


But this administration hates the Left, the poor, the old, the unfairly detained, and cares only about what first meets the approval and the acceptence of Wealthy Robber Barons, Bank Monopolists, Warmongering Neocons, and right-wing Media.

That’s all Obama, and his like-minded appointees really care about…speaking of which:

Who put Robert Gates in Charge?  Obama

Who put Lawrence Summers in charge?  Obama

Who put Timothy Geithner in charge?  Obama

Who put Eric Holder in charge?  Obama

Who put Alan Simpson in charge of our Social Security? Obama

Who fired Howard Dean, and put Timothy Kaine in charge? Obama

Who put Rahm Emanuel in charge? Obama

Who put (Endless War advocate) David Patraeus in charge? Obama

Who cut reimportation of cheaper-generic drugs? Obama

Who killed the lowering Medicare age to 55? Obama

Who put the Republicans in charge of Tax Policy?  Obama

Jane Hamsher, founder of the liberal blog, noted Obama wants to move a free-trade deal with South Korea even though many voters reject the wisdom of “free-trade” policies.

She also said there is support for ending tax breaks for the wealthy, and protecting Social Security from reforms (cuts), despite the changes recommended by the chairmen of Obama’s debt commission last week.

She points to recent polling in arguing there is little evidence that much of what Obama views as areas of compromise – cutting the deficit via social security, bending on tax cuts – would appeal to independents, who she says are fixated on jobs. “It’s not liberals that Obama is having a clash with, it’s reality,” Hamsher said. “And anyone who thinks his problems are just with the base is not paying attention.

“No reasonable person could look at the data and say that the (political) center has support for Obama’s priorities right now: cutting Social Security, passing Korea free trade and ballooning the deficit by $700 billion with tax breaks for millionaires.

“So can we please stop with this fiction that Obama is attempting to woo independents?” Hamsher said. “The things he is doing are not any more popular with independents than they are with the base.

Obama is no different than Clarence Thomas.

While he babbles B.S. out on the campaign trail, he always makes sure that the wrong side is legitimized, and the wrong side is well represented (and exclusively so), and the wrong side wins.  The only people he fights to defeat is The Left (and what used to be regarded the politial center).

The White House is a Democrat-free zone.

There’s nothing left anymore.


  1. “It would be a complete misreading of this election to think that independents who voted for Obama suddenly voted en masse for Republicans. In truth, the independents who showed up in 2010 were McCain-voting independents – and the way to ‘win back’ independents in 2012 is to fight harder for popular progressive change that inspires Obama-voting independents to return to the polls. Caving to Republicans on Social Security and tax cuts for the wealthy is the worst way to do that.”

        –Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee

  2. I have had it with reasoned debate.  Obama only sounds better than Tom Delay, Boner Boner, and Eric Cantor, but he’s the same vicious asshole.

    The same capo for the mob.

  3. But I was just a loon.  One of those too far out there moonbats of both lamestream political sides when I said Obama was a puppet of the globalists.

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