The Clueless Class

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Its not always the sneering angry faces that are the cause of our plight here in the Land of Inopportunity… in fact, some of those angry sneering faces have a point once in a while. Take Sarah Palin (Please!) speaking about “Real Americans,” I can totally understand why that resonated with some people as a Mid-westerner. We ARE far removed from the what Elites, even the Upper Middle Classes think of our reality.

Sometimes our worst enemies are the ones speaking “for” us. The nice people, genteel people, with silver hair, impeccable taste, jowls dripping over their collars, sipping champagne at a nice little reception for the patrons of the arts like themselves, having conversations with perfect diction and overwrought British accents on how dreadful it is that the American public doesn’t DO something for themselves.


It is not only the Uber-rich stomping us down, it is those clinging to their entitlement and superiority, telling we working people what we should care about, how to vote, and to rise up and protest.

It is the Upper Middle Classes who have never missed a meal who truly does not get us.

Its easy to be armchair warriors, with all the free time in the World to fly-over us, and be “seen” at protests on the Coasts. Easier yet when you have a home on each coast. Workers have neither the luxury of the time nor the money.

We are barely surviving here.

They have never had to go to work deathly ill with fever because all their sick days were used up taking care of their children.

We have never had to leave the house for an hour, perhaps to the “Gym” or “Bikrim Yoga” so that we weren’t under our housekeepers feet.

They have never come home to the electricity turned off (again) because they paid the gas bill first this time, only to find the few groceries we have left spoiled in the refrigerator.

We have never experience the utter disappointment of our Sailboat Race for Charity being rained out.

They have never had to shovel out a foot of snow to risk life and limb on icy roads just to get milk.

We have never had our groceries delivered.

They have receptions, dinner parties, soirees and events.

We eat at one another’s houses mostly because we have to, and we like to share food when we have it.

I think you get the picture.

While they are assuaging their great white guilt donating to Haiti, you certainly won’t see them spending money in some seedy pub with the actual people of color in America. They feel like they can speak to the racial and economic problems of the lower classes, yet never listen to what the lower classes have to say. They don’t rub elbows with the “help” even though they are painstakingly pc and kind to them as servants. “I pay them well to do my brick and stucco. I pay them well to mop up after the party.”

You see, they are better educated, they think, so we should listen to them.

Not all of America is San Francisco or New York, where you don’t have to own a car, and all you have to do to create a media event or protest is step out to the curb with a megaphone. Most of America has no public transportation, is spread thin demographically and is too busy working, and in fear for their jobs to create a stir. We have no retirements. We have no 401k’s. We are all “this close” to being out on the Street.

You see, if they REALLY wanted to have an impact they could. Sure, some of them were pissed when their stocks and money markets took a shit during the Ponzi-scheme collapse… but what they didn’t do as shareholders?

Band together and demand the companies they invest in bring the jobs back home. demand LESS profits and higher wages. Divest from the Worst Offenders in exploitation.

They have the money, thus the voice.

They want us to divest from Israel (rightly) yet do not divest themselves from the military industrial complex, energy companies, oil companies, advertising companies… anywhere they can make profits themselves. They rent out their summer homes to equally genteel people at a nice profit, rather than open it to a homeless family, certain “those people” would steal from them or trash the place.

They do not band together and use their assets to create NEW GREEN businesses to compete with the Oligarchy of Elites they so like to point to as demons. They might lose money.

Instead, they use their voices to direct our attention to the little causes, causes that are right and just, but will overall cause no change in the status quo they profit from. Legalize Pot! (now there would be an investment opportunity) Let Gays Marry! (rather than address health care and property rights) AIDS Awareness. (needed, but universal health care would do the most good) Seatbelt Laws, helmet laws, biking lanes on roads, pc language, you name it, there is a Hollywood face on all the little nanny, good-for-you legislation distracting us from the real problem in America of Exploitation Capitalism.

Not to target just Hollywood, but do you not think for an instant that all those Limousine Liberals could band together and create an alternative Media that TRULY pushes a Liberal Agenda? No, that Agenda would include them all paying more taxes, getting paid less, divesting from the very system that gave them the Voice in the First Place: Their MONEY.

All those sweet blue-haired ladies wearing Prada and their upstanding old geezers at the Yacht Club would never consider less profit for them a good thing. They slip their gardeners an extra $50 at Christmas, all proud of themselves, because for “those people” that money goes a long way.

I would LOVE to see every fucking one of them have to go clean and garden for their “help” for a year. I would LOVE to see them have to do for themselves for once. Do you think for a second anyone near the Beltway has pumped gas or gone to a grocery store in the last decade or more? They have aides, help, people. Slaves.

But it is not only the top echelons in Hollywood or DC that create the dialogue. Its the legions of second tier Liberals who parrot it, unwilling to do themselves what they preach. Open their time-shares as a homeless community, sell their stocks and create a food bank, sell a yacht and open a factory. Take their vacation time to storm Wall Street. Quit buying the newest iPhones and Hummers and instead buy textbooks and toilet paper for a school in Chicago or Queens.

Create and circulate a Newspaper that speaks TRUTH, hiring as voices people of color, people from the lowest classes to give the real message of what life is like at the bottom. They COULD, but they do not. Why? It cuts their own throats.

Take a step back from their white fucking privilege and become active in the communities they preach about.  Quit preaching, start listening. Learn the Language, all right, the language of the street, find out what its like without their little insulated shroud of other rich white liberals around them.

Never. Happen. In a Million Years.

There are Art Openings, Plays, Concerts, Festivals and Readings to attend. There is 20 dollar a glass champagne to sip, as guests of some patron or another.  There is just to much to talk about while so doing, like why we little people don’t rise up.

The condition we are in is as much the fault of the Investment Class as the Uber Rich Banksters and Korporate Owners. You see, they cannot make money without a class of people investing in them, they cannot hold power without a class of people tacitly approving by being shareholders, they cannot continue the class war without Upper Middle Class Whitey brownshirts – both Liberal and Conservative.

I don’t want to silence them all, some of them say righteous things…. but we at the bottom cannot help but recognize the truth, the mirror they will never look into.

You, UMC Liberal Whitey, are a HUGE part of the Problem.

So, quit telling us what to do until you walk in our shoes.

Quit telling us what to do until you quit profiting off of any system that is inherently racist, classist and clueless.

Don’t speak to dirt-floored homes while using your third floor intercom to speak to your sweet-tayhh down in the foy-yaaaaa.  Don’t speak of uprisings from gated communities.

Until you make a life for your family for 50 thousand or less a year in America, here, right here? And are willing to give the excess away?

Have a big fat can of shut the fuck up.



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    • Diane G on November 6, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    The only ones who truly understand the change we need are we living in the hell at the bottom.

    We don’t need one “new road” funding from the fed.

    We cannot just take to the streets without losing everything.

    We need to kill the Class War System.

    We need jobs, a life and are entitled to some fucking privacy, health care, education, human rights.

    We are run by criminals AND their enablers.


    People either have to be part of the solution or they ARE THE PROBLEM.


  1. Don’t speak of uprisings from gated communities

    The local Tea Party meets at The Ridge Golf Course.

    The person who pushes them is a compulsive liar and long time Republican political operative, and so are most of the other “Tea Party” operatives they have come speak, like the front guy Mark Meckler, it doesn’t matter how often you bust them on it, they keep doing it. Old people are really bizarre, they seem to loose their ability to care about that.  

    They’ve had some other meetings down at another gated community private golf course retirement villa in this area, but I can’t find the direct link for one of the meeting calls.

    If you want a good laugh, google “golf course tea party meeting”

    Palm Springs, for instance  –  Desert Willows golf resort


  2. So what are they going to do when their greed eats the upper middle class? these people who invest in them are losing their mc mansions and their MBA jobs? the musical chairs is over and there aren’t really enough seat for them.  

    • Edger on November 7, 2010 at 3:50 am

    The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.” — Hunter S. Thompson

  3. Prediction:  The House Republicans will craft and pass one draconian bill after another. The very worst may starve in the Senate, but some will survive that test, only to arrive on Obama’s desk for signature.  He will sign a few, maybe most, but not all.

    That will then grease the skids for the Republicans and their 24/7 Corporate News Network to repeat ad naseum that if only the Senate and the Oval Office were held by Republicans as well, then the necessary “reforms” to resurrect this economy could be enacted.  Don’t think that the fact that 23 Democrats and only 10 Republicans in the Senate will be up for re-election in 2012 has eluded their rapt attention.

    The Republicans now have to do everything possible to ensure that the next two years are marked by a continuing decline in the standard of living for the lower 99% income and wealth-wise.  They are likely banking on the certainty, with undeniable justification, that their Noose Media shills will manage to convince the raging masses to condemn the innocent (relatively speaking) and further elevate the most egregious societal assassins to levels of even greater power and control over the proletariat.  

    One must ask — is the following quote referring to Franklin or Teddy?

    “Roosevelt is dead.  His policies may live on, but we’re in the process of doing something about that as well.” — Rush Limbaugh

  4. While 95% of your points I agree with, the idea that it is somehow impossible for working class Americans to organize ourselves and be active because we’re “too busy” just doesn’t hold any water with me.  I think of our forerunners, people like the workers in the Lawrence mills in 1912.  They worked at brutally hard labor for 70 to 80 hours a week, and had to somehow survive on the pittance they were paid for spending literally half their lives in the mill.  And they had none of the labor-saving devices and conveniences that make the lives of even poorer American workers today much simpler, things like refrigerators and electricity.

    Because at the same time that we hear over and over again that somehow working people don’t have the time to self-organize, we also see the statistics for time spent watching tv continue to rise, now passing an average of four hours a day per American.  On Average!  After work and sleep, the Lawrence workers were left with less than four hours a day for every single other thing  in their lives–and they still managed to organize a great movement that resonates to this day.  It’s not that we don’t ahve time, we ahve multiples of the time the Lawrence workers had, we simply allow ourselves to be distracted into squandering that time.  And we allow ourselves to be so distracted because we have accepted the advertisers insinuation that we are worthless, not worth fighting for ourselves, and we have accepted the politician’s wedge, that all our solutions must be individual, that we have no class self-interests, and thaqt the people holding us back aren’t the rich, the powerful, the bosses and pols, but the other working class people, the ones that might look a little different, the ones that might make a buck or two an hour more or less than us, that those are the ones holding us down.  In the end, through accepting our distraction, and our division, we end up being the ones holding ourselves down.

    • rossl on November 8, 2010 at 2:23 am

    And I hope I’m not part of the problem.  I’m not here by choice!  (Although, of course, that’s not to say I don’t want to live without having to worry about paying the bills or that I glorify poverty…it’s just that I’m still living at home, I was born into this.)

    Hopefully I can devote my life to genuinely improving peoples’ lives through democratic means.  Hopefully I haven’t been so affected by my upbringing that that’s impossible.

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