Senate Panel Approves Domain Name Seizure Bill….It’s On

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“Those seeking to thwart this bipartisan bill are protecting online thieves and those who gain pleasure and profit from de-valuing American property,” Mitch Bainwol, RIAA chairman, said after today’s vote. “We congratulate Chairman Leahy and Senator Hatch for their leadership on this bill and to the Senate Judiciary Committee for its action today.” (Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat and chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, and Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, are cosponsors of COICA.)

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For a while, the Pirate Party served as the one’s holding back the vigilantes who wanted to go at the government, scripts blazing.

We said “it’s not that serious yet” and “don’t! we can go through political and legal channels”, but now our words will fall on blind eyes in the forums.

EFF will plead not to go out of control, but the internet is a sleeping beast and this woke it up like an air horn.

When the government comes to us to ask us to be a buffer of sane peace, we will simply look at them blankly, shrug, and say “there’s nothing WE can do”.


  1. and I feel fear and joy.

  2. … is not good.  

    One. Orrin Hatch gave $ to one John T. Doolittle’s legal defense fund.

    John Doolittle altho named an unindicted co conspirator with his wife Julie in the Jack Abramoff scandal and Kevin Ring trial, (Ring just convicted of bribery) will not be charged with anything tho Julie ‘worked’ for Abramoff.  Oh, and Julie got a cut of every campaign donation.

    The Great Revisionist History is on, and ol’ JTD is making the rounds and insisting he did absolutely nothing wrong and is completely innocent….  he was the victim in all of this.  It’s just that everybody else he associated with went to jail.

    Everybody in this episode stole millions and eventually billions of dollars from the taxpayers to start a war with Iraq and bloat the private mercenary contracting biz,  and is now keeping this monster war set going, and they’re not only going to re write it as The Great Crusades but they’re going to jerk everybody else around with hunting down music on teenager’s ipods or shutting down websites they hate or something.

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