Potch That Tookes

This isn’t much of an essay.  I mean that.  It’s more of a question.  I hope it’s not a rhetorical one.

Pres Obama said yesterday (paraphrasing here), “The Dems got their tookese potched in the election.  So, I’m gonna have the Tpartiers and war criminals republicans over for dinner and we’re gonna make nice, so we can continue to do what we’ve been doing before.  Only nicer.  Maybe we’ll finally get us some bipartisanship.  Or at the leat maybe they’ll stop calling me names from the floor of the House of Reps.  Or something.”

I listened to this.  And I was troubled.  I wondered, “Hmmm.  Suppose impeachment and trials hadn’t been off the table.  Suppose ending the war (for real) wasn’t off the table.  Suppose Universal Health Care wasn’t DOA.  In fact, suppose you had fought for those things, all those far out far left socialistic government control and big spending things and, of course, ending torture, and repeal of the Patriot Act and repeal of DADT and of DOMA, and on and on and on.  Suppose you had fought for the far left agenda.  Suppose that you did that rather than try to make nice with people who don’t want to play with you anyway (probably because you are not white).  Do you think for a second that your tuches would have been more potched in the just past election?”  I mean: “If you have to get beat up, doesn’t it make sense at least to make sure you deserve it?”

I know I’m missing something here.  I just need some help in finding out what I’m missing   If you know, and tell me in the comments, I will take immediately this “essay” down.  Really I will.  And I will celebrate my new understanding.

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    • davidseth on November 4, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Thank you for illuminating this dark lacuna in my heart mind.

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