Open LeGuin



    • RiaD on November 22, 2010 at 19:34

    loved the way she writes. the earthsea books just blew me away. i recently found her site & was amazed by all she’s written that i haven’t read. i guess i lost track for a decade or so…

    i was quite impressed with her decision to resign from the Authors Guild because of the Google Settlement. standing up for your principles is, imo, a ver good thing to do.

    • RUKind on November 22, 2010 at 22:55

    That was made into a PBS miniseries back in the 70s. No real copy available. It made me read the book afterward. Excellent author. I bought her interpretation of Lao Tsu’s The Way of Life. The discussion at the time was who did the best Western translation. My vote was Witter Bynner but when she got mentioned as a translator I got hers right away. Pretty much just as good as Bynner’s.

    So then I bought her Siddhartha translation based on someone’s comment here. It’s on the reading pile. She is awesome. Excellent translations of both German and Chinese into a Western friendly English without losing any of the original.

    I’m afraid to look at what else she has published. I have a premier Amazon account and no control over book-buying. Maybe I can start a twelve step program for out of control bibliophiles.

    Thx for the post. Never heard her speak.

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