My fellow trousered apes, David Gergen:

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If Obama is going to govern as well as prosper politically, he has to pivot back toward the center.

I flatly reject the idea that Tea Partiers are crazy.

I find it stunning that the conversation [questioning the tea party] has taken this turn.

I don’t think [Obama’s] problem is he hasn’t put enough people in jail.

Fuck the business community? That’s what you [Matt Taibbi] said?

I’m putting my money on Jeb Bush.

Read it for yourselves.

David Gergen could not find his ass with the help of the groping TSA.


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    • Edger on November 19, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    of the beltway bubble?

  1. What is Tea Party and or what is progressive.

    Have to reject it all, lamestreamwise that is.

  2. of who they shove out their to read the tea leaves. A weenie liberal Hart who has nothing to say, Gergen, an ass hole who talks about the great unwashed, and thinks Clinton was the cats meow, and that this is the nineties and we should all move right for some more. Tabbi alone made any sense at all. Why do they drag these people out they are irrelevant they are gasbags from another era? The great unwashed have spoken they like the neoliberal wall street puppets they want some trickle    

    Taibbi: Fuck the business community!    

    • banger on November 20, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    He knows who he is and who he represents and is also a realist. He’s one of the people you can trust to reflect the permanent government’s thinking. As you know, the issue for us is class-struggle and we lost. That era is over. The left is over. The future is negotiating through the emergent neo-feudal reality.

    The Tea Party is not crazy it is a masterful and final nail in the coffin of the old order. It represents the neo-feudal order but what direction that order will take is mysterious. Frankly, I believe that it will be an improvement if we can understand that we have to start moving away from the culture of narcissism and start thinking of collectives–if we don’t it will be serfdom or leg-irons for us.  

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