It’s Time

To head back to the Mountaintop.

Sad to say, but by no means unexpectedly, lol, The Forces Of Ignorance have prevailed yet again.

Weenie Liberals and unevolved Republicans have thwarted the last real chance to save the Planet…..politically.

All that is left now is to take the spiritual path and work and pray that as few as possible numbers of humans die off of the Planet that they have fouled with their own waste. Or, perhaps….to pray that as many as possible do, and thus, with the energy of their ‘sacrifice,’ transform what remains into something that can…one day…be built into a new and better consciousness raising machine. Apparently the current consciousness raising machine is mostly stalled in neutral, with only a tiny percentage still advancing at a meaningful rate.

Which outcome to pray for is something that can only be determined on a Mountaintop. (or perhaps at the base of a cliff) In light of the fact that compassion for all sentient beings is a central tenet of higher consciousness, and that a moral stance, imo, has to contain the concept of The Greatest Good for All Concerned….it is an interesting question. Soon, barring a miracle that raises the consciousness of a critical mass of humans on the planet, that question  will be moot. I’ll leave it with you as I go.

Because it is time to go.

All that is left to do in the realm of politics now, after all the recent events pointing to empowering the worst aspects of human nature……. is to yell at stupid people.

And I will now admit that I am powerless over my addiction to yelling at stupid people. Even though yelling at stupid people is……stupid. Because they are too stupid to understand what you are yelling at them. And unlike, say, mental illness, which can at least be treated, there seems to be not much anyone can do about it….especially about people stupid enough to kill their own planet.

So…..we are closing Docudharma down. (Or handing on if the right people will take it over.) Probably in about a month or so. (Barring a miracle, lol.)

And since I admit my powerlessness over my addiction to yelling at stupid people, I won’t be acknowledging my latest warning from Meteor Blades at Daily Kos, since it is, after all, time to go. I have compassion for stupid people, but apparently I no longer have the patience to deal with them constructively, lol.

The Left will not rise up on it’s own…they are too polite. And the one section of the populace that has risen up, the Tea Partiers, are some of the aforementioned stupid people, who have been force fed lies as to what is really going on here.

Add to that that I have said, several times in several ways all that I have to say…as far as what I have to say in a political frame. I am just not suited to repetition, and am tired of spending my days trying to find ways to express it in a suitable and effective form. Everyone who was going to get it, has already gotten it. That may change as we get closer to the tipping point of 2012, but if I come back, it won’t be as buhdy, those days are over.

On The Bus, Nightprowlkitty and I will be starting a little WordPress blog with a spiritual, not political, focus. If you can find it, lol, you are welcome to come read and comment.

In the time between now and turning out the lights (at least for us) we will all have plenty of time to say farewell, etc. But for now I just want to say….thank you.

You have all put your heart and souls into this nice little experiment, and we have made a difference. It has been, in my humble opinion, a success, and well worth the effort!

But….it is time.


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  1. If you want to make God make laugh…..tell him your plans!

    As always, anything is possible!


    • ANKOSS on November 16, 2010 at 22:50

    However painful, however burdensome, the truth is ultimately the only valuable thing we possess. Thanks for providing a meeting place for those seeking it. I’ll look for you in your new blog home. You don’t have to yell anymore, Bhudy. As you say:

    “Everyone who was going to get it, has already gotten it.”

  2. … can be encompassed in buhdy’s last comment at Daily Kos:

    I’ve tried making lemonade out of marshmallows

    I advise against it


    • Edger on November 16, 2010 at 23:05

    The forecast is for very weird out next year.

  3. …would you return?  It was such a wonderful idea, so full of truth, hope, and what is needed.

    Be Excellent To Each Other

    What a concept!  

    But some people just couldn’t understand the message and brought their usual ego needs and their ignorant flame wars (which are really just the ego’s attempt to prove that “I’m right, and you’re wrong!”) here.  

    And they couldn’t be stopped, and it was oh so tiring.

    And you are correct, Sunshine, so many folks just don’t get it.

    I think your decision is a good one.  When things can’t be repaired, it is probably best to start over.  But I hope you won’t leave the name.  Perhaps, when you leave, it can be changed to ‘docuinfo,’ or ‘docuchange.’  I would be unhappy to see the name continue under new management.

  4. for people like me without the dharma.


    FWIW I have seen Docudharma as kind of a “home” on the internet .. it’ll be very hard to do without it, even when I’m “not here” I check in on you guys.

    It’s been a year of battling cynicism, hasn’t it?

    My eyes have been opened in so many ways and almost none of them good for my mental health.  Weenie liberals indeed — what you find out is when push comes to shove, “liberal” doesn’t even mean what it once did.

    Obama promised change, but what he didn’t add, is, everything changes, regardless of what politicians do or do not do.  There was, for a brief moment, a chance not to force “change” but to control our fate.

    And now, I guess how I feel is, the rapids are dead ahead.

    One word from you

    One word from me

    A clear design on your liberty

    I could believe when love was gone

    How we move on like everyone

  5. I don’t think the planet cares about being saved politically. I can’t imagine any advanced, conscious life form on some extraterrestrial planet arguing over politics. Higher consciousness may still need to work out issues with its corporeal aspect and strategize for mutual survival, but I can’t imagine “them” getting “that far”

    utiliizing institutions like political parties, banks or armed forces to address such things as survival in the cosmos or celestial tranquility, be it corporeal or something akin to spirit.  

  6. …. are you saying you saying that this blog only exists if another blog is not annoyed with it ?

    And that you would rather shut this down, and continue to try to engage and interact with the other blog ?

    Why ?

  7. you know you can’t get rid of me that easy!!! LOLOL

    … no, really, thank YOU… and the many enlightened people who blog or just comment here… for ‘getting it’. For letting me share at the hearth with you and stoke the flames now and then and all that good groovey stuff cuz now youre just gonna make me cry…


    as always… it is…

  8. We are destroying the habitability of the planet we live on. Yet the politicians and economists discount the value of the future so much that the future of humanity will be bleak if we don’t grab the steering wheel.

    But we have failed to grab the wheel.

    I will keep on posting about the environment and science when I can. I am highly discouraged about politics but that is nothing new. When I was a teenager, I went through the assassinations of the Kennedys & MLK.

    Hope has been crushed before but…

    Hope springs eternal.

  9. and I will miss you.

    You were my blogfather.

    Peace, brother.

    • Xanthe on November 17, 2010 at 00:25

    a place to write, think and share with you guys – all of you.

    Good bye – and the best to you and NPK –

    Bless you all –


    • Diane G on November 17, 2010 at 00:29

    and you have to do what’s good for you.

    I too, have seen my ranks thin at my blog, as people gave up, or had to move on for their own sanity.

    Me? I’m just not ready to throw in yet.

    I have social security to fight for, and the coming Shock Doctrine economic stressors coming our way will have legions of people looking for answers.

    I wish you well in everything, and will seek out your wordpress.

    In the meantime, you are always welcome at my table (r/l) or cyber table at WWL should you have a relapse and need to vent politically.

    I love this place, but I do not think it would survive as a you-less entity.

    I understand when my brothers and sisters need to go for a walk in the woods… in the meantime?

    I’ll leave a lamp in the window for you, until your return.



  10. to post your going away essay, budhy.

    It was a WONDERFUL day today.  Sunny, cool, dad and I went bowling and I got a 154.

    THEN I got the new, nuclear powered laptop up and running, which has been sitting here, a paperweight, for more than a year!

    As soon as you posted this, it clouded up and started sleeting outside.

    A world without Docudharma is going to really suck, man.

    • Diane G on November 17, 2010 at 00:57

    • Robyn on November 17, 2010 at 01:36

    I may add another like Pam’s or Bilerico.

  11. hope to see you down the electronic road, sometime.

    • melvin on November 17, 2010 at 02:24

  12. Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea,

    Thy tribute wave deliver:

    No more by thee my steps shall be,

    For ever and for ever.

    Flow, softly flow, by lawn and lea,

    A rivulet then a river:

    Nowhere by thee my steps shall be

    For ever and for ever.

    But here will sigh thine alder tree

    And here thine aspen shiver;

    And here by thee will hum the bee,

    For ever and for ever.

    A thousand suns will stream on thee,

    A thousand moons will quiver;

    But not by thee my steps shall be,

    For ever and for ever.

  13. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

    And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,

    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

    Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    ~Dylan Thomas~

    terribly i’m afraid

  14. I haven’t had a chance to read ALL of the comments or sentiments!  My question is WHAT is the REAL reason you are doing this?

    This site is very active and good stuff is being written!

    May I be so bold as to ask what your address is in CA?  I need to have a face a face with you!  

    Why, buhdy, why?  Are you truly fed up and tired of the whole scene?  Is it a case of money (operational)?  Just what is it, exactly?  (Yes, I haven’t been able to give much these days, as in the past, but . . .. . . .?)

    I confess, on the other hand, that you, OTB and NPK must, assuredly, be somewhat weary with running the ship and the day to day efforts entailed therein — I am and have always been mindful of that!

    Budhy, despite my protests — I do understand!  But, maybe, just maybe, there will be others who are able to jump in financially and otherwise and lend support to this place that, I think, so many of us relate to in so many ways.  I regret that my personal circumstances do not allow to be one of those such persons in a more concrete way (money and lottsa’ time) but I lend my heart and heartfelt regard to all who contribute here, yeh, EVEN you ;)!


  15. So many good people and good vibes.

  16. next to the keyboard and cried after reading at dkos that food stamp cheats should be reported, they are the problem. I realized my political journey had come to a no exit loop. All that’s left is the addiction to dark energy and all you do at a certain point ids feed it and on it. That I was as mad as the tea  party attendees and about as useless. I have ended up where I started, I have been radicalized by the bamboozle.

    ‘People just get uglier and I’ve lost all sense of time.’

    Thanks Budhy, Nightprowlkitty and OTB, and all the other people who have contributed to docudharma. This place was the best of my journey. I came here and always learned, always left feeling that at least there were others who had good spirit and saw the folly and the beauty and a different perspective. I think/hope Budhy that the mountaintop view will show you a different perspective of humanity then the dark maze of political blogging. Hope i see you all around the inkwell It’s your spirits and creativity i love the most anyway, the politics were a given as I knew most from dkos. I’ll look for your new home.

    bye for now

    Thanks NPK and OTB for the great visuals    


    • RiaD on November 17, 2010 at 06:39

    this is the saddest thing i’ve ever read.

    docudharma has been home  to me. i couldn’t ever leave for ver long, even when i was mad. & it’s been family. i’ve stuck up for the people & ideas here (after i got over my mad) to others. o feh!

    i am just so…. gob-smacked by this. i can’t even think really. even though i have my own wee-tiny blog here was always home, where i feel comfy-est.

    i’ve learned so damn much here… (not least of which is how to push away from the keyboard)

    i’m just around the corner if y’all want to pop by for a visit…

    my blog-heart is broken….

    broken heart

    • robodd on November 17, 2010 at 08:29

    or love to say it:

    I AGREE??

  17. It was a great run, my friend.

    It’d be a shame though, not to at least keep an archive.  After all, there has been a ton of truly exceptional, unique writing at Docudharma over the past three years which really ought to be preserved somewhere.

    Something perhaps to think about before you make your climb up the big mountain.

    In any event, if/when you get the urge to return to land of the tragically optimistics, drop by p8s place and leave a caption.

    It’ll be just like old times – except without Armando of course.

  18. On the one hand, I’m pleased and also proud for helpin’ to purge Docudharma from the ol’ blogosphere, workin’ from inside the belly of the liberal beast to destroy your hopes, dreams, and grammar.  Maybe if it isn’t too much trouble you could post a final essay declarin’ me the winner?

    On the other hand, the people here (although misguided and probably gay) have been a blast to hang out with.  It’s a place to learn and ponder, rage and rebel, laugh and cry.  Obviously I never cry, but you bleedin’ hearts can’t seem to make toast without sobbin’ your brains out.  But (and it pains me to admit this) it was really good toast and I thoroughly enjoyed sharin’ it with everyone here.

    Best of luck to you, buhdydharma.  Although I’ve never read anything you wrote, I heard some of it was pretty good and people seemed to enjoy it for some reason. Thanks for the enlightenment and for being a gracious host.

    Also if you won’t be usin’ ponies at your next home, how ’bout the majestic caribou?

  19. the only constant is change I suppose……

    u b well my friend……

    I believe at this scale the only way out is thro……

    but u actually knew that when u picked this ride…..

    I know cause we picked it with a bunch of others…….

    I remember…….

  20. Sometimes you gotta make the jump.

  21. … NPK, and all the rest of my fellow DDers. Thank you much from the bottom of my heart for writing, wry wisdom, and camaraderie.

    I will be eagerly on the lookout for signs of ponies regrouping around new watering holes.

  22. I must have a life after all, because it took me until now to read  this.  Or maybe I don’t.  Hard to say at the moment.  I mean: I’m working and writing about Haiti, and then I stumble on this.  Ok.

    Anyway, I have no idea what is happening here.  At first I thought this essay and the end of the blog might be the result of a misunderstanding, the false dichotomy between “politics” and “spirituality.”  Now that I’ve had a very nice malbec and ruminated about it (the dichotomy, not the wine), I’m not so sure.  When you’re done, well, you’re done.

    And you won’t tell us where the new site is?  WTF?

    As I said on many occasions, I’m really nobody here.  So when the lumberjacks come and they tie a yellow ribbon around my tree and then they bring out the chainsaws, I guess it’s really time to mosey on down the road.  You’ll pardon me if I shake my head while I wander.


    • Diane G on November 18, 2010 at 03:31

    Number one…. I think that closing this is a mistake, when you can recreate how you go about it right here and now by bending your thinking, your own expectations of what it was/will be.

    The scheduled posts, the upping by the hour, its all work you put on yourself… people would still all come if things got promoted more randomly and you yourselves wrote about the new direction you wanted to take at your leisure.

    It needn’t be so structured.

    Two: I am finally thinking you are serious.

    I’m not one to pick the bones off the living, but if this project is truly done, I hope that your readers and writers all feel welcomed to join WWL. Somebody has to remain a non-kos lefty political blog.

    I would rather have cross-posters with this living blog, but if survivors need a raft, I am honored to be it.

    Peace, love.

    • banger on November 18, 2010 at 13:45

    … the situation is hopeless. However, admitting it is the start of finally getting life to work. Let’s learn to nurture ourselves and each other. History will move and we have to be ready when it does.

    • sharon on December 2, 2010 at 05:57

    lady libertine pointed me in this direction.  i guess i kind of knew already in a nonintellectual way.  just kind of knew it was coming.  in shock though.  losing exmearden and docudharma all at once….  i haven’t said much here lately, but that doesn’t mean that i haven’t wandered through in the odd hours, taking note, and breathing in the special docudharma air.  it has calmed me down more than once knowing this place is here.  it’s not the first time a blog has closed, but i don’t seem to get any better at dealing with it.  

    buhdy, npk, and otb, i will be forever grateful to you all for every bit of love and care and genius you have brought to the internets.  thank you for providing such a lovely meeting place.  somehow i think that karma will ordain that we all will meet again.  for now, i will count the minutes.

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