It’s CRAZY to shut down Docudharma! Sign up to keep it going!

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Instead of annihilating this beautiful site, why not give it to a bunch of smart, dedicated posters like Edger, Lady Libertine, LastHorseman, AmericanRiverCanyon, davidseth, Shaharazade, tahoebasha3, and bigsurtree, just to name a few who immediately occur to me.

It takes years to establish any kind of identity or rise above the level of background noise in the blogosphere! And now this high-profile progressive site will just vanish?

This is giving a beautiful gift to the bad guys!


Exactly how much does it cost to keep Docudharma on the web?

Who wants to step up and take some responsibility to keep it going?

I can give some money, and if Edger, Lady Libertine, LastHorseman, AmericanRiverCanyon, davidseth, Shaharazade, tahoebasha3, and bigsurtree and other long-term contributors will run the show…

Then instead of leaving behind a black hole in the progressive blogosphere, which ain’t too healthy anyway…

Docudharma lives!


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  1. US voters already had one obotomy, and they don’t have much brain left!

  2. … depending on the wishes and intent of the present management.

    I am really not good at technical stuff (like I can’t program a cell phone easily)  and struggle with html,  and this is worrisome to me.  

  3. (Maybe that’s a GOOD thing, LOL).  But, for what it’s worth, I agree.

    Perhaps, if I’m allowed, I can continue to be the token gay presence here [giggle].

  4. Sign up for what, exactly? $/month support? Volunteer hours of moderation per month?

    Besides the practical aspects, there’s another question as to why the community was not consulted. Sure, the domain name is the legal property of an individual (I assume bhudy), who is legally entitled to do whatever he wants with it. However, other people have invested hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours writing and researching.

    By all appearances, Mr. Buhdy doesn’t care about others’ contributions. If my impression is correct, then I’d say that’s rather thoughtless and selfish. IMO, the honorable thing to do is to give it away to any group that’s contributed in the past, and wants to preserve it.

    BTW, in spite of your brusque manner, your writings are one of the reasons that I check in at DD. You cover important topics that others seems to forget about as soon as it fades from the front pages (like Haiti).

    I wonder if Mr. Buhdy considers your efforts to reminds us of the suffering of the Haitians to be an act of compassion, and if so, why he’d be willing (apparently) to interrupt such compassionate acts? Doesn’t seem to be very Bhuddistic, to me. Isn’t the Bhuddha supposed to be compassionate?

    In my younger years, I was a member of a metaphysical group, which (among the many teachings and discourses) once floated the metaphor of the hurricane for describing spiritual life. The center of the hurricane is relatively still, and untouched by the circumference. By analogy, the center is the spirit and soul, the external windy part our actions in this deeply flawed but also beautiful world.

    I, personally, am more interested in fighting in the external world than I’ve ever been, even if I’ve been neglecting my ‘center’. There’s nothing stopping me from meditating an hour in the morning, as I used to do, other than my own desires. I don’t need to forget about the external world 24 hours a day. I just need to forget about the external world 1 hour a day, and keep it at a healthy distance the remaining 23 hours a day.

    When I was a young man, and a regular meditator, I still led an active life.

    Perhaps Mr. Buhdy should meditate on the the hurricane metaphor. 🙂

  5. For sure I will miss the place but I have going to have even less time in the future than I do now.  How do we change, expand, weird a larger Jedi light saber of truth against the Darth Vader’s of the world?  I wish I knew too.

    True we are only a politically oriented blog in a vast sea of multi-oriented places on everything from spirituality to conspiratuality.  What does make for a Big place.  News?  Videos?  Alternativeness?  Commentary?

    Me?  For the most part I like throwing rocks at the establishment.  Who and what can becoime big?  Above Top Secret?  Wearechange?  Huffington?  Rense and Coast to Coast or will it be the vast majority for First Veilers, those totally unconnected to anything outside of day to day survival.  I might have to ask the horses and the spirit guides.  

  6. I’ve often wished though that it could be turned towards something == more active less reactive.  Our agenda, not a reaction to latest BS on Fox, or Daily Kos either.  

    The big sites are all destroyed by their own success.  When you reach a certain level, you will have paid trolls, you will have gang ups; you will have administrative decisions that are driven by advertisers, ego, or owner access to power.

    So, small is just fine.

    I also think the solution to IP or anything really is: have at it, but no name calling, and especially  threats.

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