This is the Way We Win

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As surely as if tanks were parked in our streets, we are under attack. But this is not just a class war and it’s not just our livelihoods that are at stake. This is an attack on our very freedom, our sovereignty, our lives.

The history of warfare is the history of one nation’s attempt to seize the land, wealth and resources from another nation. That is what’s happening here. The only difference is the weapon used.

In conventional warfare, the aggressor uses weapons of destruction – armed battalions, bullets, bombs. This war is much more clever. Much more subtle. And much more horrifying. The primary weapon being used here is a box you set in your living room.

Do not be fooled, however, by the innocuous appearance of this box. It is more powerful than any army, laser guided missile, or all the arsenals on Earth. For who controls this weapon controls the greatest power humans can possess – the power of ideas.

The old saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” can be rewritten, “the idea is mightier than the sword.” Because that’s what we’re really dealing with here. In one sense, television is just the medium by which we disseminate ideas. But in the right hands, it is the most powerful political weapon in history. It is a means by which one may control an entire population.

Edward Bernays*, a loathsome and despicable creature, was not exaggerating when he said this:

Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. …It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind….

Bernays should know. He spent a lifetime pioneering subversive methods of mass manipulation for his clients in the military industrial corporate complex (otherwise known as the fascist movement). But they weren’t the only ones who admired Bernays’ special talents. Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, was a big fan. According to Bernays, it was Goebells use of his techniques that gave the word propaganda a bad name. So he changed it to “public relations”.

In the early days Bernays was highly effective at manipulating the public consciousness, and subconsciousness too, with the tools available at that time: radio and print. But if the New York Times gave Bernays access to people’s minds, television gave him access to their souls.

Al Gore, in his book The Assault on Reason, does a splendid job of compiling some of the most profound psychological effects of watching television. He discusses how images, unlike the written word, can bypass the reasoning part of the brain and go straight to the emotional centers. This is especially effective with images that cause fear in the viewer. In the right hands, this phenomenon can induce highly irrational responses. Responses that can be used to drum up wars that are wholly unrelated to the traumatizing event that caused the response in the first place.

But there is another phenomenon Gore discusses that is particularly disturbing in its potential for mass manipulation: the orienting response. This is the phenomena that puts us in a trance like state when a sudden movement enters our field of vision. It is presumed that this phenomenon is a sort of alert system. “LOOK!” A tiger may be in the bushes. This would have served our ancestors well.

But in modern times, it has become an Achilles’ heel of the mind. Gore:

The constant and repetitive triggering of the orienting response induces a quasi-hypnotic state. It partially immobilizes viewers and creates an addiction to the constant stimulation of two areas of the brain: the amygdala and the hippocampus (part of the brain’s memory and contextualizing system). It’s almost as though we have a “receptor” for television in our brains.

When I was a little kid, I was fascinated by the trick of inserting a single frame of popcorn into a movie to induce people to crave popcorn. This was a time when pop psychology was all the rave and the power of subliminal advertising was a popular topic. I am extremely grateful for this, because I then proceeded to watch every single television commercial I saw for its hidden subliminal trickery.

Now, as an adult, I am horrified. The trickery used now is so sophisticated, so advanced, and so widely dispersed throughout all forms of television and multimedia entertainment that I have come to completely reconsider my long held beliefs in this thing we call the 1st Amendment. (future essay perhaps: When Your Speech Becomes My Drug)

Fortunately, setting up a commission to police the propagandists is not necessary and 1st Amendment issues may be avoided. All we really need to do is win the information war.


The way I just described the power of television to manipulate the masses one might think that we would all be a race of zombie bots marching single file to the nearest Coke machine to vote for the latest digital representation of a president.

Obviously, as powerful as television is for manipulating the public, it has its limits. One of those limits is (delightfully for its irony) the more they win the class war, the less time people have to watch television. And most businesses still don’t allow Rush Limbaugh to be broadcast into their work area.

But the real limitation is that no one’s figured out a form or method of propaganda that’s strong enough to completely overcomes people’s ability to smell bullshit. Sometimes it may seem otherwise. But just consider this:

According to Bill Moyers, there are over 800 right wing radio stations beaming nothing but lies into people’s brains across the country.(In the image above, I gave each of the 800 stations a scale range of 50 mile red circles and distributed them evenly across the US) All of the television networks are propaganda outlets for Empire Inc., including those we like to think are on our side (MSNBC, PBS). The propaganda extends far beyond “news” programming into television dramas, sports programming and all those little specialty networks like Discovery and The History Channel. This is something most media critics completely ignore. The opening ceremony of a NASCAR race often resembles the Republican party convention.

And yet, despite this complete permeation of corporatist propaganda, in poll after poll after poll, the overwhelming majority of Americans still believe in progressive policies.

A recent poll found that a large majority even believe that we have too much wealth inequality. This survey by the Harvard Business School found that Americans want wealth distribution similar to that of socialist Sweden. Do you not see the hilariousness of this? Billions they spend trying to turn us all into Ayn Rand and it doesn’t work.

Here’s what does work though: LABELS. In the same survey, only 20 percent of these near socialist liberals were willing to identify themselves as liberals. This is true in many other similar surveys as well. People support liberal like policies such as universal, government run health insurance, but they refuse to call themselves liberals.  So the propagandists have been impotent to make most people complete enemies of themselves and their government, but they’ve done a smashing job at rebranding the word liberal.

One shouldn’t dismiss the power of labels. Look how effective it’s been to label people who are truly the enemies of the common people in this country as Democrats. Many of the most damaging, right wing policies this country has ever seen were implemented by Democrats. In fact, in this PR seduced society, it would seem that labels are rapidly becoming all that matter.

But then another poll comes out and reinforces my hope for humanity. With all the mass communication resources at their disposal, the Corporatist can still only get about 40% of the population to buy their lies. And if that doesn’t give you some encouragement, imagine this.

What if the progressive movement controlled 800 radio stations? What if we had even one well funded news network? And I don’t mean corporatist-lite MSNBC. I mean economic populists, free trade bashing, tax the rich class warriors like Michael Moore.

I can tell you what would happen. The corporatist, right wing/neoliberal/neoconservative movement would be destroyed. Tea baggers would be progressives. And bankers would be utility clerks as they should be.


Lately, as it becomes more and more apparent that an electoral solution for progressive empowerment is simply not realistic, many are wondering what next. For so long we’ve believed that working through the political system was our only and best chance for progress. Now, as it becomes clear that that avenue has been cut off to us, by those we believed were our allies, there is a strong sense of aimlessness among our ranks. Like a people lost in the desert, the left is truly at its lowest point in generations. The sense of hollowness was thick enough to cut with a knife at the 10-2-10 rally. Coincidentally, I’ve seen 4 separate people describe it a a nice way to spend a beautiful Saturday. That’s not including similar sentiments expressed here on the front page of Docudharma.

What is missing from our flock is not more shepherds. It is an idea. All the activists organizers in the world cannot move people to action without an idea to coalesce around. And the truth is, once there is an idea to coalesce around, all of the activist organizers in my experience become almost unnecessary.

What is this idea that can unite our movement and drive people to act? It’s the same idea it has always been: compassion. The New Deal was nothing but compassion written into law. It was a covenant that said, “I am my brother’s keeper. We are all in this together”.

The ideas of the left, and the policies derived from those ideas, have always been rooted in one thing – our concern and compassion for the rest of humanity and all life. This is what makes us who we are. And it’s why we used to be called bleeding hearts – till someone figured out that that makes liberals sound sympathetic and so should be avoided.

The great attack on the American people that has been going on since the New Deal has really been an attack on the idea of compassion itself. Karl Rove, who is evil but not stupid, understood this clearly when branding George Bush as a “compassionate conservative”. In fact, the single organizing principle of conservatism is selfishness. And this oxymoron is nothing more than Orwellian doublespeak at its worst.

The entire movement of Ayn Rand and Friedrich Hayek, along with the people coming out of the Rand Institute, was a sinister attempt to rationalize, indeed, glorify selfishness as a virtue. Ayn Rand’s book, The Virtue of Selfishness, was promoted by oligarchs hostile to FDR’s programs. And while the psychotic ravings of Miss Rand were far too radical for even the right wing in the 1940s and 50s, they began to catch on in the 60s as the me generation came of age.

The idea all along has been to counter the tendencies of people to turn their compassion for society into public policy. This had to be stopped at all cost. And three generations later, it would seem that it has worked. Democrats, the party of the New Deal, killed the welfare system. Democrats killed the labor unions. Democrats deindustrialized the work force. And now a Democrat is implementing the psychopathic economic policies of Hayek and Friedman.

So what do we have to do? Get off your asses and hit your computers. You have been given the greatest tool of empowerment in human history and all you can think to do with it is sit around and complain about why we have no power.

All human activity, creation, production, transformation, they all begin with an idea. And while ideas are being used as weapons against us, we must use them to defend ourselves.

We must restore the purpose to our movement. We must save the idea that has almost been killed by our enemies and those we called our friends. Instead of wasting precious time and resources on a rigged political system, as though we could have created change without a unifying idea in the first place, we must put our energy into spreading the truth.

Do people know that Obama is still spraying dispersant into people water in the Gulf?

Do people know that Halliburton and other energy companies are right now injecting billions of gallons of of toxic water and chemicals mixed into the ground below their cities and states and that this toxic mix inevitably seeps into our drinking water?

Do people know that our elected representatives KNEW that this process, call hydrofracking, was toxic to groundwater so a special loophole was written into the 2005 energy bill to exempt energy companies using this technique from the clean water act?

Do people know that Barack Obama was one of the senators who voted for passage of this bill?

That is how we win the information war. And while winning the information war may not be enough, it is the only place to start. For again, action follows ideas.


In summation, our best, and I believe only chance to defeat those who are trying to defeat the institutions of our democracy, hand our country over to corporate oligarchy, and reduce us to slaves of debt and economic servitude, is to wage our own information war.

Not only is the information war the central theater in our attacker’s strategy, it is the only one in which we have the tools to really mount a counter-offensive. The internet is our weapon. And the truth. And before any paradigm shifting change occurs, before any real movement emerges, the idea for that movement must already be in place.

The idea of the corporatist movement was selfishness disguised as liberty, individualism and a fictitious notion of freedom. The idea we restore must be that we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters, to society whole, and to the planet.

But change need not depend on such lofty ideas. Sometimes, reactionaries that we humans are, change can ride in on the tide of the most primitive of ideas. Like the instinct for survival. When I tell people about hydrofracking, it doesn’t matter what their political orientation is: they are revolted. And a line pops into my head: We are all environmentalists now.


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  1. I believe it was television that helped put a stop to the Vietnam War. That and the draft. But seeing the war every night on the nightly news, not to mention the special reports that Cronkite and others produced, showed the unspeakable horrors of that war to everyday Americans. As a young child, the image of the Vietnamese soldier who was executed at point blank was seared into my mind and haunted my dreams for years. The news then also reported on the violent protests happening at the time, which had the effect of showing to Americans that there was a sizable portion of the population who were willing to fight in the streets to stop the war. Bush and Co. understood that from the outset and made sure that no images of the horror and destruction of their war, or even of flag-drapped coffins coming home, were shown to the American people. So, everyone forgot that we were war and went back to shopping and watching American Idol.

    Since television is a medium that has been cut off from the progressives now because it is firmly in the grip of the media powers, it seems that the best way to reach people with a message is now the documentary. Gasland by Josh Fox is one new film that shows (it’s the image that sticks!) the insidious effects of the hydrofracking that you mention.

    Multiply Knowledge. That should be a new mantra. Grab a camera. Make a website. Use social media to get the message out. You never know who’s mind you can tip over to the good side.

    Fantastic piece!


  2. I have to re-read a few times.

    What is this idea that can unite our movement and drive people to act? It’s the same idea it has always been: compassion. The New Deal was nothing but compassion written into law. It was a covenant that said, “I am my brother’s keeper. We are all in this together”.

    And it was that idea that got my attention a couple years ago, awoke me from my slumber.  Heres the link to Obama’s 2004 speech at the DNC Convention… you dont have to go look, lol, but heres the thing:  736,329 views on youtube.

    In and amongst other things, I still believe that was one of the main reasons he won, not only won, but sparked a movement of sorts, one that they quickly squelched, of course, starting Nov 5, 2008.

    I believe the root of that movement, the core, is still viable.

    Information Nation. lol. “Multiply Knowledge”. Yes!

    The internet is our weapon. And the truth. And before any paradigm shifting change occurs, before any real movement emerges, the idea for that movement must already be in place.

  3. Oh, yeah…


    So thanks for getting out that message to a bunch of leftist bloggers, TocqueDeville!

    But didn’t the con-man Obama raise more money on the internet than any other candidate ever, with the endorsement of almost every “progressive” blogsite?

    So what?

    The “solution” is more blogging!  

  4. We both have this passion for, well, like everything is wrong yet I don’t think we quite argee on what the real source of the misery is and or lies.  We could learn alot from each other and I am sure we could talk about “stuff” for hours on end even if I firmly believe the survival is our only viable option at this point.

  5. for continuity and follow-through if nothing else.  Not glamorous stuff, but neither is photosynthesis or respiration.

  6. I love your realization that the New Deal is Compassion written into Law.  

    Obama certainly spoke as if he understood the need for compassion and empathy. Too bad our system is so broken that he had to sell his soul to the banksters to get where he wanted to go.  

    • banger on October 4, 2010 at 05:14

    I call it education.

    Yes, Americans feel income disparity is too large. But they also, probably, feel it isn’t quite as much as it should be. The fact is that people in this country can believe in opposites because they have received a grossly inadequate education that did not train them to survive the mind-control regime that is our daily bread in this country.

    We are assaulted by the best and most brilliant men and women in the world who, for a substantial fee, will use science and magic to capture the minds of the weak. Of course it is a problem–but the problem is that the minds of the populace are so weak and vulnerable to each and every cheap trick the magicians think up.

    How we win is to provide an alternative education, a countercultural university, if you will.

  7. This is why I get so mad at web site like DK, where someone who is just searching for some way out of the cocoon will likely end up first, only to be fed more maddeningly BS. And, it’s also why we can’t let president obama and the democrats mascarade as left or liberal or even as centrists.

    Anyway, yeah education and information. It’s hard to process the second, w/o a little bit of the the first.  

    • sharon on October 4, 2010 at 06:19

    was reading recently about how the book/printing press changed the power structure of europe because it took the power of knowledge, and the authority that came with literacy, out of the exclusive hands of the church (and to an extent the aristocracy).  with the book came increased literacy and the writer/humanist became recognized as an authority.  and it allowed for exponentially greater dissemination of information.  i see significant parallels with the internet and i’m sure i am not alone in this given the efforts currently underway to control it.

    was listening to amy goodman talking with manfred max-neef a few days ago and his message is similar to yours.  he talks at length about how he has lived among the poor and what he has learned doing this (

    AMY GOODMAN: What have you learned that gives you hope in the poor communities that you’ve worked in and lived in?

    MANFRED MAX-NEEF: Solidarity of people. You know, respect for the others. Mutual aid. No greed. I mean, that is a value that is absent in poverty. And you would be inclined to think that there should be more there than elsewhere, you know, that greed should be of people who have nothing. No, quite the contrary. The more you have, the more greedy you become, you know. And all this crisis is the product of greed. Greed is the dominant value today in the world. And as long as that persists, well, we are done.

    i agree with you.  and i am one of the listless ones.  my thoughts turn more towards environmental work than political these days.  i’ve given up.  i think often about a session dfa did with george lakoff a few years ago.  he talked about building common ground with conservatives and his message was to talk about the things that matter to all of us as human beings and he pointed immediately at the environment, suggesting that here treehuggers would find common ground with hunters.  max-neef also sees the environment as the focal point.  another swipe from their convo:

    AMY GOODMAN: And if you’re teaching young economists, the principles you would teach them, what they’d be?

    MANFRED MAX-NEEF: The principles, you know, of an economics which should be are based in five postulates and one fundamental value principle.

    One, the economy is to serve the people and not the people to serve the economy.

    Two, development is about people and not about objects.

    Three, growth is not the same as development, and development does not necessarily require growth.

    Four, no economy is possible in the absence of ecosystem services.

    Five, the economy is a subsystem of a larger finite system, the biosphere, hence permanent growth is impossible.

    And the fundamental value to sustain a new economy should be that no economic interest, under no circumstance, can be above the reverence of life.

    interesting that you chose to end your essay with “we are all environmentalists now.”  

  8. There are some more ideas you might find of interest here and then pick up after the last comment on down to the end.  I say this because I noted some alliance of our thinking here!

  9. out a month or so ago, that said a startling 70% of people do not believe the TV news. I agree with the tide of primitive ideas. The disconnect between the narrative/propaganda that is pumped out by the owners of the place and their puppets the pols via the media is so stark at this point that it requires a state of denial to accept it as reality. A timely essay as the unraveling of our society is becoming more and more apparent.

    A strange thing happened at my local butcher shop. They are selling local organic chicken and the lady butcher was telling a customer who asked why, that the reason the chickens they sell taste so good is because they were not processed by a large feed lot. She explained that most meat no matter how raised are by law sprayed with ammonia. The bigger the processing plant the more ammonia spay they use to inhibit ecoli. This small processing plant uses lemon.  The interesting thing was the people who were gathered there’s reaction. They were revolted at the fact that meat no matter how grown is sprayed with ammonia. The butcher then told them to see Food Inc, the documentary if they wanted to learn about what goes on with our food. The group gathered had nothing good to say about the government lol, and they were not a bunch of lefty DFH.

    So word of mouth is a good way to give information if it’s not given hostilely. I am finding that off dkos off line even, most people are not as fixed in their positions and are not as fearful of right or left as the partisans true believers.. They do not really think that any pol or party is going to fix this insanity. The time is ripe as where not only all environmentalists now, were becoming socialist’s and peacemongers too. Community via education both on and offline is really our only hope.                      

  10. on this info at least…

    Rachel Maddow

    “Fracking” is the process by which many energy companies are drilling for natural gas, but the deleterious effects it’s having on the water supplies of many cities and towns is something that has actor and activist Mark Ruffalo doing everything he can to inform the public and stop the practice. He’ll join Rachel tonight for The Interview.

  11. But sadly, I don’t think creating a different means of getting the message out, the education out, or whatever you want to call it, can overcome the lack of scientific curiosity and ability that the average person in America exhibits today.

    Science has a way of revealing the truth, and unfortunately, the average American is so scientifically and mathematically disabled that the simplest scam can be pulled off on the vast majority of the populace.

    Americans can’t seem to figure out the the official version of 911 was totally bogus, we can’t figure out that our computerized elections are a sham, and we can’t figure out a whole host of other scientific or mathematical (Wall Street) scams.

    It has gotten to the point that what passes for history, should properly be called mythology, but the people aren’t scientifically and mathematically adept enough to know the difference.

    I don’t see anything really changing until the populace reaches a level of severe desperation.  At that point, scams won’t work on the truly desperate who have nothing to lose.  Scams only work on people who have something to lose.

    Unfortunately, real change will take a violent revolution as it always has.

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