The Chamber of Commerce — commerce for those “other guys”

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The U.S. Chamber of Outsourcing

by Dustin Ensinger, — Oct 12, 2010

Just last month, the Chamber lobbied vigorously to defeat the Creating American Jobs and End Offshoring Act, which would have given companies a two-year payroll tax holiday, reducing the amount of Social Security taxes they would have to pay, for new employees who replace workers doing similar jobs overseas. The bill would have also ended tax provisions that encourage the outsourcing of jobs.

“Replacing a job that is based in another country with a domestic job does not stimulate economic growth or enhance the competitiveness of American worldwide companies,” Chamber executive vice president Bruce Josten claimed in a letter to senators.

When the $787 billion stimulus bill was passed, the Chamber fought tooth and nail to ensure that a provision requiring that all stimulus projects include only Americans-made products and services was NOT included.

Who’s Looking Out for YOU?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce likes to pretend, they’re an advocate for the American Worker — but if you read their Words, and check their Actions —

they tell a completely Different Story …

U.S. Chamber comes out against Senate outsourcing bill

By Jay Heflin, — 09/23/10

Replacing a job that is based in another country with a domestic job does NOT stimulate economic growth or enhance the competitiveness of American worldwide companies,” wrote Chamber executive vice president Bruce Josten in letter to Senators


Instead, the Chamber urges Congress to continue ALL the Bush-era tax cuts as well as the so-called tax extenders that expired last year.  

“While few in the business community have been calling for legislation like (the outsourcing bill), there is broad consensus that legislation to extend all of the expiring 2001 and 2003 provisions, as well as the expired 2009 provisions, is essential,” Josten states. “Such legislation would address the UNCERTAINTY that is plaguing main street, help businesses to create jobs, and get the economy growing.”

Even though Businesses are sitting on Record Levels of Cash — they are TOO Afraid to Act — to spur the American Economy that has been so good to them, over the decades.

Don’t count on the Chamber to light a Fire under those Businesses plagued with So much Cash, and So much “Uncertainty”  — unless it is to get them to just Keep Doing More of the Same

International Trade and Investment

Policy Priorities for 2010

Level the playing field for American businesses and workers by lowering barriers to trade and investment.


— Secure approval of trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama.

— Negotiate a high-standard Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

— Seek investment treaties with China, India, and Vietnam.

Combat state-led, anti-market industrial policies around the world.


Fight economic isolationism in all its forms, including undue restrictions on investment, procurement, exports, sourcing, and human capital.

Oppose “buy local” mandates in U.S. and foreign procurements.

Modernize export controls to support U.S. competitiveness and national security.

Reject unilateral sanctions that close foreign markets only to U.S. exporters.

— Ensure that China’s industrial policies do not disadvantage U.S. companies.

Lift India’s caps on direct investment in insurance, defense, and other sectors.

I wonder if those “China industrial policies” the Chamber has in their sights, has anything to do with improving the Standards of Living for the Average Chinese Worker, that I’ve read about?

In any event, I ask again …

Who’s Looking Out for YOU?

If the Amount of Money the Chamber has slated to spend, to defeat Pro-workers, Pro-American, Democratic Candidates this year — are any indication …

YOU can rest assured that the US Chamber of Commerce is looking out for those “Other Guys” — and NOT the American Worker, left out in the cold, from all their “pro-business” International policies:

Chamber Fires Back, Vows to Ramp Up Campaign Spending

By Elizabeth Williamson, WSJ Blog — Oct 12, 2010

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue fired the latest salvo in a war with the White House over campaign financing Tuesday, vowing to ramp up spending for pro-business candidates […]

The chamber has denied that foreign members’ payments — which chamber officials say total less than 1% of its $200 million budget — are used for political activities. The chamber is not legally required to disclose its donors.

On second thought “resting assured” — is probably the last thing WE should be doing — given those 200 Million reasons waiting in the wings.


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    • jamess on October 14, 2010 at 05:22

    Working Class HeroJohn Lennon

    • jamess on October 14, 2010 at 05:23

    that the Chamber lobbied House Members

    very strongly, in order to get TARP passed a few years ago, in 2008.

    Chris also says the Tea Party’s top gripe

    is TARP.  Ironic eh?


    the Chamber, is looking out for WHO again?

    • Xanthe on October 14, 2010 at 15:25

    understand that not many in DC are looking out for us –

    That’s a given.  The blatancy of these acts is almost comic.  Goes to show you the respect they have for the American public.

    james, did you see that the Supreme Court turned down the suit of those two dissidents who brought suit against the Bush organizers when they couldn’t enter one of his rallies because they had a

    blood for oil

    sticker on their car in the parking lot.

    Dissenters:  Sotomeyer and Ginsberg.  This means the new and shiny robojustice Kagan is in the safe category.  We’ll see more of this.

    Justice Ginsberg issued a two page dissent in which she said

    Official reprisal for protected speech offends the Constitution because it threatens to inhibit exercise of the protected right.

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