Telling TEA Party thoughts?!? on Military and Veterans

This comment by Angle, caught it last night on CBS and my head nearly exploded, shows Exactly what she thinks? about the Soldiers we’re sending into these occupations and their families at home waiting, which in turn shows what she, and (R)’s, especially this phony TEA party, think? about us Veterans, All Veterans, as well as National Security!!!!!

Must be the reason you Don’t hear them not only Not talk about these conflicts, they wanted so badly they slandered everyone who didn’t walk in lockstep with them, but Demand the Country ‘Sacrifice’, Finally, as to the results of these and our previous history and Veterans of! None, not even their own 24/7 news, propaganda, channel, mention, unless hiding behind and waving that flag need comes in, much of anything of these past nine plus years, nor do the ton of corporate paid for campaign ads!!

On the other hand {a cut from a post I did recently}

Oct. 21: Rachel Maddow shares the results of a report by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America grading members of Congress on their voting record with regard to veterans affairs.

I refer you to a recent post I put up, Making Veterans a Priority 2007-2010 from the House Committee on Veterans Affairs which by 2007 we as a Country and especially our Military were already well into not one but two long running destructive occupations of small Countries and their people.

Much of what has been done since 2007 {you can visit the public congressional records of both houses of congress to see what was or wasn’t done as to veterans or even the military prior to while building up and invading leading to long occupations still ongoing, it’s all there} in this and the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee was investigating and holding not only hearings but also advancing the needed policies, many still trying to be obstructed by some, not even mentioned as we sent our Military into those Wars prior to nor up till. They have also taken on long ignored Veterans Issues, Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome etc., and have tried to also move forward, new GI Bill etc., while playing that needed catch up for this new generation of veterans!

Or you can visit a couple of recent Veterans Administration Press Releases:

VA Tops $1B Mark in Recovery Act Distributions. Upgrades Include Energy Projects, Medical Facility Upgrades, Cemetery Improvements.

VA Funds Solar Energy Projects at 12 Hospitals, Clinics, Cemeteries

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    • jimstaro on October 30, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Panel Notes Progress in Fight Against Post-traumatic Stress

    Oct. 29, 2010 – A panel of experts last night noted significant progress in the efforts of the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments to help servicemembers, veterans and their families affected by post-traumatic stress disorder.

    At a special screening of the HBO documentary “Wartorn, 1861-2010” at the Pentagon Auditorium, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey noted that the percentage of servicemembers who avoid seeking psychological treatment because of a perceived stigma attached to asking for help has dropped from 90 percent to 50 percent.

    Casey’s frequent assertion that building servicemembers’ emotional resilience is just as important as their physical conditioning – known in the Army as comprehensive soldier fitness — captured the essence of a panel discussion by medical and military experts following the documentary screening.

    Panelists who took the stage to discuss how to treat PTSD were Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, Army vice chief of staff; Dr. Katie Chard, director of the PTSD and anxiety disorders clinic at Cincinnati Veterans Medical Center; Gregory T. Goldstein, program manager for Marine Corps combat and operational stress control; Vietnam veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Paul W. “Buddy” Bucha; and retired Air Force Lt. Col. Greg Harbin, a victim of PTSD. Doug Wilson, assistant secretary of Defense for public affairs, and Tammy Duckworth, assistant secretary of veterans affairs for public and intergovernmental affairs, served as moderators. {read rest}


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