Scoring Congress on Veterans Issues

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Oct. 21: Rachel Maddow shares the results of a report by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America grading members of Congress on their voting record with regard to veterans affairs.

I refer you to a recent post I put up, Making Veterans a Priority 2007-2010 from the House Committee on Veterans Affairs which by 2007 we as a Country and especially our Military were already well into not one but two long running destructive occupations of small Countries and their people.

Much of what has been done since 2007 {you can visit the public congressional records of both houses of congress to see what was or wasn’t done as to veterans or even the military prior to while building up and invading leading to long occupations still ongoing, it’s all there} in this and the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee was investigating and holding not only hearings but also advancing the needed policies, many still trying to be obstructed by some, not even mentioned as we sent our Military into those Wars prior to nor up till. They have also taken on long ignored Veterans Issues, Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome etc., and have tried to also move forward, new GI Bill etc., while playing that needed catch up for this new generation of veterans!

We who have served, or are serving now, a very small fraction of this Country, do not serve nor take an Oath to the Corporate World nor Corporate Elites {nor do the Congressional hires}, We Serve{d} and Defend the Country and it’s Constitution!

It is the Responsibility of the Country to Care for those who served, and it sent into harms way, and the Country to fulfill the Contract they have for that service. Not to create a privatized corporate system of care and other issues related to veterans! That would only give the power of destructive wars to an elite group who when the need rose to make bigger bottom lines for the few would send our military into more wars creating more hatreds thus more death, maiming’s and destruction of others, For Profit!!

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    • RUKind on October 23, 2010 at 2:31 am

    We are in a perpetual state of war. No one in DC wants Osama or Ayman caught. We need them as bogeymen – especially since Saddam was hanged to death.

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