Politicians versus People

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American politicians accuse China of currency manipulation for refusing to let the Yuan rise in value. Meanwhile, The Fed is about to engage in another round of “quantitative easing” which is another way to say “currency debauchery” by adding a trillion or more dollars of new debt to our tab which can’t be repaid by Third World America and continue to devalue the already debauched dollar. But The Fed is waiting until the day after the election (not that it will make any difference politically) to make the move. If this move is necessary, why wait?

Who is manipulating whose currency?


After the Reagan debacle, still clung to by Republicans as the Golden Age of Prosperity, the United States went, in a long eight years, from the World’s chief lending nation to the world’s leading borrower nation.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be;

For loan oft loses both itself and friend,

And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.


American Politicians shout to the hilltops about freedom and democracy and how America is a beacon of hope to the world while they continue, with glee, the egregious crimes of George W. Bush, who today enjoys a life free from accountability. The wars engaged in by the United States are completely illegal, not to mention irresponsible and immoral, and by definition these “wars” are actually war crimes. There may be some infinitesimal differences between Democrats and Republicans but not when it comes to war crimes. Might as well call genocide “weed pulling.”

Trillions of dollars spent for lies and the ignorant cynicism of neo-conservative policies. The US is not the ‘world’s policeman.’ A policeman’s job is to protect and serve the community, not rape, pillage and murder with impunity innocent people outside the rule of law.

The crime of 911, which all our misery stems and which is the excuse used by America Politicians to rob you blind and call you a traitor if you make a fuss, has never been investigated except by the foxes in the hen house. America began a war on Islam and against its own people based upon the accusations of known liars, cheaters and criminally insane monsters who make the villains in ‘slasher films’ look like Boy Scouts.  

American Politicians in a corporate/military dominated political system based upon greed and corruption, preach to the people about right and wrong, good versus evil as though they had a clue about anything beyond their own self-aggrandizement. Well they don’t. They can’t even write their own legislation without clearing it with corporations because corporations, granted person-hood by Country Club Crony Courts, are the only “citizens” politicians care about. Now the Supreme Court has deemed money as free speech and the person with the most money has the loudest voice in the political process, can we expect anything to change?

The American People have been duped out of house, home, job and future so corporations can enrich their executives to historically disproportionate levels of economic disparity between the rich and poor. The Middle Class, the consumer class, is decimated, bankrupt, demoralized, victimized and lost in a wilderness of confusion and daze. American Politicians don’t listen to the people. The people are the enemy. Hence we have a militarized domestic police force who abuse citizens on a regular basis. Hence we have a government who spies on our every move for our own protection. Hence we have bank swindles which are too big to be brought to justice. We have environmental disasters which are swept under the sand so the corporations responsible can’t be held accountable. We have more people in prison per capita than the rest of the world combined. We have a societal culture of trivia and spectacle void of substance mixed with drunken binges of fear and loathing. We have burgeoning poverty, homelessness and unemployment. And all the while American Politicians make excuses and blame-games about why things are shit and can only get better if we elect them to do the job when they are the ones who got us into this mess.

Our political system is designed to do one thing: fail. And to that end it has worked very well. The reason our political system is designed to fail is because democracy is the enemy of capitalism. Corporatism is top-down management, while democracy is bottom-up aspiration. If people get to spend their own money on themselves, ie infrastructure replacement and refurbishing, re-tooling industry for the 21st century and beyond, and turning swords to plowshares, then how can politicians and corporations graze at the trough?

American Politicians are by and large a criminal class. American Politicians are by and large fools.

And the American People? Well, they dutifully go to the polls and execute their civic responsibility to send these clowns to Federal and State houses to continue the rape and pillage of the American People to the benefit of the wealthy. The American People appear to be the quintessential ‘sucker born every minute.’

Folks around the world are rising in revolt against the current system of economic dictatorship being imposed by banks on governments (politicians) who then pass the dictates of the Banksters to the people who chafe at the bit but never buck the rider.

911 was one shoe that dropped and the economic meltdown in September of 2008 was another. How many feet do you have? There are no more shoes to drop. Our fate is sealed unless we do something about it.

But we won’t. We’ll do what we’ve always done. Hold our nose and vote for our perception of the lesser of two evils and hope good will come from it. But it won’t because it can’t because good doesn’t come from evil but from good.

It’s time to stop feeding the monsters by participating in a process which allows politicians to justify their criminals actions because you voted for them. A vote is a mandate. Unless you withhold your mandate then you give permission to more-of-the-same.

There is no risk in voting. No courage is needed to vote. Voting is the lazy man’s path to change by a man who doesn’t give a shit if things change or not.

We are at a time when just doing more of the same is an insane choice.

It’s not time to “man-up.”

It’s time to ‘wise-up.’



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    • gottlieb on October 18, 2010 at 3:32 pm
    • Diane G on October 18, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    Yep, you nailed it… either way you say it, politicians and corporations are the same people now, and we are ENABLING our own genocide.

  1. … to distract from the fact that only fiscal policy at the federal level has the ability to provide the short term effective demand that is missing.

    And “currency debauchery” is just scare words to try to persuade people that the US should be pursuing an overvalued dollar, in the interests of the wealthy and to the pain of everyone else.

  2. You say don’t vote? Really?

    Yes politics is a steaming pile of shit & the only thing  “most” politicians sell are shit sandwiches.

    BUT, the “entire” Republican Party is & has always been owned & controlled my white owned corporations, a party that uses guns, gays & god to appease a clear third of America that is “brain dead”.

    We have a two party system & that will not change anytime soon. Third party candidate Nader & 5 corporatist Supreme Court judges gave use the worst president EVER!

    The Democratic Party has given us Civil Rights, Social Security, Minimum Wage, Medicare, etc. The Democratic Party is not “perfect”. Obama can not transform 30 years of conservative rule topped off with the nightmare of Bush/Cheney in two years & maybe not in 8 years, but we are finally in a place where a new dawning “may” become possible.

    I say “may”. If real change is ever to finally occur, Obama must understand that Wall Street is a monster of insatiable greed & the Pentagon has long ago become nothing but a corporate profit driven devil of endless “socialized” war causing death & destruction for one reason only – like Wall Street – the Pentagon is a “money” whore.

    If these two twin towers of mind boggling insanity & money loving greed can not be stopped – then you are right – why vote? America is doomed.

    Two years into Obama’s presidency is too soon to throw in the towel.

    Vote Democratic – yes it’s not perfect, but it’s our only chance.          

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