Heckuva Job, Mr. Obama…

This past Wednesday “Barack Obama was a guest on The Daily Show, thereby becoming the first sitting president to appear as Jon Stewart’s guest. (In July, Obama became the first sitting president ever to appear on The View.) In the half-hour-long interview, Stewart quizzed his grizzled guest about health-care reform, the financial crisis, and the midterm elections.”

“Stewart’s most combative query concerned National Economic Council director Larry Summers-in particular, Obama’s hiring thereof. ‘We can’t expect different results with the same people,’ Stewart said, referring to Summers’s previous stint as treasury secretary under Bill Clinton. He continued, ‘Larry Summers … that seems like the exact same person.’ Obama, inadvertently quoting his imminently quotable predecessor, replied, ‘Larry Summers did a heckuva job.’ Stewart, somewhat shocked, advised him, ‘You don’t wanna use that phrase…'”

This morning at GRITtv Laura Flanders talked with journalist and Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer, who reminds that “Summers was the chief architect of Clinton-era policies that created the economic crisis in the first place, and that Obama’s appointment of him to get us out of it was never going to result in anything but more money being thrown at Wall Street.”

An Obit For Our Hopes – GRITtv, October 29, 2010

It’s no wonder that there is now so much irrepressible enthusiasm among the liberals and independents and progressives who tipped the balance in the democrats favor in 2006 and in 2008 to get out and vote for democrats in the 2010 midterm elections.


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    • Edger on October 29, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    became widely regarded during his eight year stint as “worst president ever”.

    I’m beginning to have faith that Barack Obama might easily outperform George Bush.

    • Mu on October 29, 2010 at 7:33 pm


     In the comments section under this story, Obama on the Daily Show:  Stewart Presses President to Defend “Timid Policies”, some orange-like ‘bot whines about how, “…Then you have allies, like Stewart, Maddow, and Olbermann slamming them for not BEING PERFECT. They can’t win in this environment.”

     To which I responded:


    Were Obama and his Administration out there FIGHTING for the middle and working classes, FIGHTING for the very people who put him into the Oval Office (people like me), consistently HAMMERING the Republican Party for its chicanery and lies (instead of always trying to “make nice” with it), PERP-WALKING the rapacious Wall Street hedge-fund necromancers who brought this nation’s economy (indeed, the global economy) to its knees two years ago (instead of defending them and making only tepid-at-best “reforms”), etc., then, no, he would not be getting flack from his base.

    You’re flat out wrong: we do not expect perfection. We expect a fighter. We got a Casper Milquetoast. The GOP/Tealiban’s been eating him up. And when we say, “Fight! Dammit! Fight!” he responds with plaudits and kudos to the likes of Rahm Emanuel and Larry Summers and hemming and hawing word salad and excuses.

    You see, unlike the GOP/Tea Klux Klan, we LIKE Barack Obama. But that only means we’re even more hurt and disappointed in him for failing or refusing to fight for us like we fought for him.


  1. Kos to view the comments. What a bunch of idiots. No difference between them and the tea party bunch at all except in which they view as  “their” team. If “their” side does something, it’s good. If the “other” side does the same it’s bad.  

  2. That line said it all for me in the Stewart interview.

    I don’t seem to recall the qualifier in any presidential campaign speeches.

  3. I’ll take up the call. Howze this one?


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