Fuck you Obama

Today I saw a grey headed white tradesman guy grab a four year old black kid preventing her from jumping off a set of stairs.   A car also pulled out of the parking space behind the stairs.  The scene continued as the little black girl kept saying bye to the waving white guy.   This is how far we have come.  Nobody is in the back of the bus.  Not according to Obama.

The republicans can come but in the back of the bus.


Ok, now you might say and you are at least partially right about this being one of those Newmax type “right wing” things.  Yeah this is right but in the higher scheme of things Obama is reflecting on the core of the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America.  Yeah, sure, great, we are all multiculturally equally useless eaters in the eyes of our billionaire oligarch masters.

Oh, also got a call from “United Health” and thinking it was something to do with my mother it was answered.  A recorded message advised me to get my flu shot.

Yeah, In my cold dead arm fuckwads!