There is zero legal or Constitutional reason why this stay has been sought by the Obama Administration.

Thank you, Dan Choi, for standing up for the truth and for equality.


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  1. … and a h/t to banach tarski paradox for posting the video.

  2. … what is actually going on in the mid eastern war theatre in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and what is going on here with the unpassed DOD Pentago CIA Homeland Security budget (including the funding for using the military budget for marijuana eradication in the states as requested by certain Senators) the more likely said budget is going to pass –  without DADT’s overturn in it.

    There are several different dynamics going on here, of course.

    Obama and Holder and Gates are displaying the classic sort of “we can jerk a certain demographic around and deny them military and VA benefits at will,” so they look like they’re more in control of the situation.  Real Men Don’t Dispense Favors To Minorities, or something.  Pathetic.

    This is certainly being done to depress Democratic voter turnout, in case somebody didn’t notice.

    It is said that Sec of Def. Gates intends to stretch this out for 2 years in return for something else, and the intent is to kick the can down the road to the Supreme Court eventually, so no elected politician has to touch it.

    And it’s a nice sort of distraction from all the carnage in Pakistan and Kandahar.  We are, after all, going to watch the Lame Duck session vote to keep funding the latest surge for the next year right before the Republicans take over and cut domestic spending.

    • melvin on October 22, 2010 at 06:51

    than the entire Obama administration combined.

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