Condoleezza Rice Arrested in San Francisco Monday

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codepinkaction | 18 October 2010 On October 18, 2010, when former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke about her childhood and new book at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, she was confronted by five Bay Area activists who performed a citizens arrest for war crimes, lying the US into the invasion of Iraq and the murders of 5,000+ US soldiers and over 1 million Iraqi people. Disruptions occur throughout this 7.5 minute clip. Demand accountability at    


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    • Edger on October 19, 2010 at 18:07
  1. How come the War Criminal gets to stay on the stage while the others are taken away?

    I guess our society considers it much more criminal to make a public disturbance than to murder a million or so.

    I guess the real crime is accusing war criminals of commiting war crimes.  Too cute! N’est pas?  

  2. Condi ponders the days possibilities.


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