Yellow Buses Before Labor Day?

In observing end of summer traditions what do I see?  Brand new school buses?  Before Labor Day?

If you follow my drift how does this relate to the “Illuminati” Plan to Destroy America.  Put simply it’s all about division and enforcing the compliance meme just a bit further onto thiscompliance indoctrinated generation  Z (note Z is last letter of the alphabet) .

In this one fell swoop of starting school before labor day long standing family cookouts, beach weekends, camping trips and or night swimming in the backyard pool with the water warmer than the air.

Beware of deadly triple E mosquitoes when exiting pool.

Think about it.  Each bus, each kid, not with family but instead with “the state”.  The kids are back “in the program”.  Mandatory volunteerism, mandatory vaccinations, school mandated computers with remote turn on spy cams.  A small change perhaps yet a brilliantly evil one supporting globalized corporate fascism.  My oldest grandson will attend pre-school this year but he is currently in the woods of Maine.

Also noted was lamestream media’s News Vacuum on the deliberations about who decided to make this Change.…

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  1. … its an insidious effort to give local school districts the right to decide when the school year starts:

    Pre-Labor Day school start

    published 2/5/2009

    Giving school districts local control over their calendar year is what Rep. Kim Norton (DFL-Rochester) intends with two bills approved by the House K-12 Education Policy and Oversight Committee.

    … since, obviously, its easier for the Illuminati to control the actions of a large number of individual school district boards than to control the State Legislature.

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