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This morning on my way home from the Italian deli, I stopped in at a corner shop that sells cigarettes, milk, candy – that sort of thing.  Normally, I walk in get what I need and smile at whomever is around.  It’s a place where working class guys hang out and truth to tell, sometimes in the morning you can smell the liquor on their breaths.  But mostly, they stop for awhile to talk to each other and get back in their delivery trucks or construction trucks and move on.

I bought a 99cents bag of potato chips – it’s a real treat.  Salt is not good for me but occasionally I’ll eat a few chips and throw the rest to the birds.  I put a dollar on the counter and the female clerk (certainly not working toward any award for politness) said “That’s a dollar and nine cents, lady.”  (Okay, for one wild moment I forgot I lived in Cook County, Illlnois.) and I said:  “Oh right, got to pay for their Cook County pensions.”  Now there is nothing wrong with government pensions but there are such a slew of stories of how many Cook County employees abuse the system – it’s newspaper worthy at least once a week.  

And what followed was a chorus worthy of spectators at a wrestling match.  Three men in the back started yelling about their years of working and how they expect SS payments.  The woman clerk told me she tore up her voting card, mailed it to the WH and told the President to stick it up (well you know).  Another man grabbed my arm and told me he sure as hell was entitled and spelled the word for me “e.n.t.i.t.l.e.d.” after working since 1970.  The others in the back continued to yell about the Democrats – and some guys standing on the corner came inside and began a riff about government workers.  Now this is a Democratic suburb – a working class suburb, though it is showing signs of moving up and I’m sure the slimy developers will be here soon.  

I talked briefly to the guy who was hanging on to my arm.  He had sketchy information and I shared what I knew.  He was afraid Republicans would win elections because of the SS scare and they’d be worse than what we have now.  And boy did I learn some new words and/or phrases from the guys in the back as to the political class we have now.

All told, there were about 15 guys in there when I left yelling about the system and their SS.  

Okay – here’s what I want to know.  Where the hell is the Democratic Committee of my suburb and the Democratic Party of Cook County talking to its base about what is going on.  Giving them the proper information (if they even get it themselves) – making some sort of “plan.”  A sensible plan to get these people to take the right kind of action – instead of their endless golf outings, cocktail parties and general ennui.  Don’t they get it.  These people need to be educated.  I’ve sent a lot of material to the newspaper here in the hopes that a reporter I was dealing with on another matter would write a column about how it is going to affect our people here – elderly and boomers – and well, everyone.

Most of our elderly couples and women especially own their own homes outright and are making a serious effort to remain there ’til the end.  We are talking about a suburb known for its beautiful old brick bungalows.  That phrase: “They don’t build them like this anymore” – that phrase belongs in our suburb.  I have considered myself would that be considered an “asset” if they do means testing.  And from our Democratic Party here:  crickets.  (Caveat:  our City does do a good job with its older population on many matters but apparently education is not necessary to their way of thinking.)        

Let me put it this way – I thought people weren’t even aware of what’s going on – it’s seeping thru but much of it is misinformation.

By the way, you don’t excactly say to these guys:  Read Jamie Galbreath, read Angry Bear – read Dean Baker.

What is wrong with the Democratic machine out here?  Are they going to wait until they get thrown off of front door stoops when they come around with their literature and wolfy smile.  

And the Republicans might very well be the recipient of this ill will.  I’m probably not voting mainly because the Democrats are well – dumb.  And what its people need now is anything but dumb.  


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    • Xanthe on September 4, 2010 at 17:31

    he was my alderman once upon a time.  What is it he did that was so odious that he went to prison?  Apparently, prison terms don’t apply to those higher up.  

  1. feeling was this whole Soc Security  Catfood Commission  thing was a tipping point…. in terms of people in general

  2. but rest assured, the Republican zombies will turn out in droves.  

    If you sit this out, prepare yourself to be ruled by the Palin-Bachmann disciples.

    • Xanthe on September 4, 2010 at 23:09
  3. think that the Democrat or Republican politicians represent the will of the people anymore? Do you really believe Democrats are less evil then their Republican counterparts?

    When the most honest, left-leaning liberal Representative is coerced into voting against his conscience, the system is beyond repair.

    Furthermore, even if you do participate in voting process, do you believe your votes are actually counted?

  4. designed by oligarchs for their continued domination.

    Blue collar Democrats falling right back into the mythology of Reagan’s American Dream. But this time orchestrated by the turncoat, yellowbelly, sniveling, obsequious, donation groveling so called Democrats.

    They are worthless residue of a dead party that craves importance, but basically despises the hoipolloi, ironically their traditional so called base. They are an aristocracy looking for their Versailles, and don’t like Republicans pissing on their shoes. They’ll all be happy when they get their estates back, and don’t have to worry about any Humanism or Enlightenment shit.

    Democracy is just too hard to do. I feel for them, so stressed trying to make the serfs and vassals understand the way things are supposed to work. If they want a home, they really have to understand how mortgages work and how lucky they are to even get one, sort of like having an opportunity to rent their plot of land and keep enough food to feed their families.


  5. is in any way representative, then (1) they’ve probably got nothing to tell the people in that store since they’re on board with the Cat Food Commission, and (2) do you think they might have an attitude that could get them some black eyes, bloody noses and kicked asses for their effort?  

    • David R on September 5, 2010 at 04:20

    Kind of an ‘elephant in the room’ point.

    Political parties want our votes, and they want our money.  They don’t really seem to want our opinions, our interest or our enthusiasm.  If we actually started to take an interest in politics, why, we might start demanding things instead of just grousing about how our politicians are idiots.  By and large, though, I don’t see any real attempts at leadership, certainly not in my community.  The only party that actually tries to sell their message to the base are the Republicans.  Of course, it is through rather seedy methods, but they are still making an effort.  But I have not once, in over five years of living in my current location, been invited to a rally, a discussion group, or a town hall event.  One would think that an apathetic, disinterested and ignorant electorate was the goal, or something…

  6. lots of fair-weather Dems are clamoring to cede what little power they still have to the teabaggers.

    If you stay home in November, prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

  7. from Glenn Greenwald.…  Guaranteed to piss you off.

    It begins like this.

    The President’s Deficit Commission is designed to be as anti-democratic and un-transparent as possible.  Its work is done in total secrecy.  It is filled with behind-the-scenes political and corporate operatives who steadfastly refuse to talk to the public about what they’re doing.  Its recommendations will be released in December, right after the election, to ensure that its proposals are shielded from public anger.  And the House has passed a non-binding resolution calling for an up-or-down/no-amendments vote on the Commission’s recommendations, long considered the key tactic to ensuring its enactment.  The whole point of the Commission is that the steps which Washington wants to take — particularly cuts in popular social programs, such as Social Security — can occur only if they are removed as far as possible from democratic accountability.

    and the last paragraph

    In the Post today (4 September), Milbank justifies the targeting of Social Security recipients and wounded veterans on the ground that nothing should be “sacrosanct” when considering how to solve America’s deficit problem.  Leaving aside the fact that Social Security is not really a deficit issue, the true causes of America’s debt and deficits are absolutely sacrosanct and will never be attacked by this Commission.  Does anyone believe it’s even remotely possible that meaningful cuts in America’s war and military spending, surveillance and intelligence networks, or even corporate-plundering of America’s health care system  will be enacted as a result of this Commission process?  Of course not.  Those genuine debt-causing policies are “sacrosanct” because the people who profit from them own and control Washington (and share common socio-economic interests with the millionaire Commission members targeting social programs and the billionaires who are behind this).  It’s the people who don’t control Washington — ordinary Americans who need Social Security — who are being targeted in order to feed even further the fattest, most piggish factions actually in control.  That’s what makes this process so ugly and odious.

    There’s much of interest in between the beginning and end. Highly recommended if your time permits.

  8. Now is exactly the time to start organizing and informing the sorts of folks you encountered at the corner deli. Probably best not to do it via the Democratic Party. Be ready with summaries of the stuff from Dean Baker, Michael Hudson, Jamie Gailbraith, Yves Smith and Bruce McF. But vote for the most presentable candidates you can find. Votes for 3rd party candidates in November might provide options in the next round of elections. We will need all the options we can get.

    I believe the time is ripe for a political realignment. The reason the Cook County Democratic Machine is not informing your local neighbors as to what is happening is that they serve TPTB and, in Chicago, ARE TPTB. If they were to clearly and honestly explain what is happening it would be tantamount to self indictment. Therefore they won’t. They rely on donations from the Financial Sector.

    See my comment on Going South’s diary.  

    • Xanthe on September 6, 2010 at 04:52

    go and read Ian Welsh – I’ll be up all night probably.

    and tomorrow is Labor Day.  I wish we had something to celebrate.

  9. I think it’s too late to say “better late than never . . . ”  LOL!

    Oh, so it wasn’t really a doable thing anyway — that makes me feel better in a way, wolverine06!


    Thanks for tip on Border Collies, ARC.  My daughter had two for a very long time.  “Max” passed away last year and “Trixie” this year.

    I will pass these tips on to her and I thank you for same, should you ever visit this old thread!

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