The Tea Party Express — a PAC without bounds?

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This .org website gives a whole new meaning to Industry ‘Front Group’.


It’s a page designed to solicit Donations — and little else.

The Home link — goes nowhere;  (ie. back to the Contribute Page)

The About link — goes nowhere;

The Media link — goes nowhere;

The Blog link goes to this blogspot page

where the lead story is

Don’t Raise Our Taxes – Don’t Repeal the Tax Cuts

and which has this emotive Scary Image:

let me guess, it’s designed to solicit Donations.

Why should you care?

Well it looks like Tea Party Express PAC, just may be breaking Federal Campaigns Laws …

The New York Times is raising such Questions about the whether or not the The Tea Party Express, is ‘coloring within the lines’ with regards to Campaign Finance Laws.

They are NOT the only ones.

G.O.P. Insider Fuels Tea Party and Suspicion

By Janie Lorber and Eric Lipton, NYTimes — Sep 18, 2010

With Ms. [Christine] O’Donnell’s upset victory in the Republican primary on Tuesday, Mr. [Sal] Russo, the chief strategist behind an upstart group called the Tea Party Express, had racked up another win.


Mr. Russo’s group is also under attack from Republican Party leaders in Delaware, who have accused the Tea Party Express of improperly collaborating with Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign. Federal laws allow political action committees to support candidates independently, but they are not permitted to coordinate their spending with campaigns.

As I recall PACs (Political Action Committees) can run general “Advocacy-Issues” Ads, but they can’t directly assist, or endorse, specific Candidates, beyond certain ‘nominal’ limits.  (Perhaps “Citizen United” has changed this too?)

PACs can give $5,000 to a candidate committee per election cycle (primary, general or special).

PAC Contributions to All Federal Candidates, 1972-2006

From Kathy Gill, Guide — Jan 9, 2009

Well the Republican Party of Delaware, and the New York Times, think the Tea Party Express, may have just “boosted” Christine O’Donnell’s rising rocket to Tea-dom — in excess of what the Law would allow:

In the days leading up to the Delaware primary, Sal Russo hosted a radio fund-raiser, organized a political rally and pressed the case with reporters that Christine O’Donnell was the Tea Party’s choice for the United States Senate. He also set off what he calls a “money bomb,” pouring at least $250,000 into television and other advertisements promoting the little-known candidate.


During this election cycle, the Tea Party Express has spent nearly $1 million in Nevada alone – $547,000 to support Sharron Angle, the Republican Senate candidate, and $385,000 in opposing Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader. In Massachusetts, the group spent nearly $350,000 to back Scott Brown, now the state’s Republican senator.

SO Who is Sal Russo, anyways? … and how has he become the Tea Party Kingmaker, behind the scenes?    [Added to the To Do List. Check! ]

And where is the Federal Elections Commission — shouldn’t they be watching this Big Money inflow, that is Tilting our Elections … towards the Rhetorical Cliff?

One of the virtues of America is that We are all equal — in terms of our Votes.

One person, One Vote.

Simple. Elegant. Powerful.

PAC Finance laws, regarding Soft Money vs Hard Money, were once designed, to ensure that virtue.

To ensure the undue influence of Industry “Front Group” Money could not instantly prop up, and “get elected” some Cartoon-character Candidates — simply by virtue of the Advertising Dollars spent, as opposed the Candidate’s actual Qualifications, Experience, or Individual Character.

It seems that the recent “Citizens United” decision by the Supreme Court make have thrown those “safeguards” out the window … one wonders?

Who’s says that Senate Positions can’t be “bought and paid for” — assuming you have the bucks?

Witness the “Qualifications” of Christine O’Donnell, and the actions of Sal Russo’s Tea Party Express, in foisting her to the National Stage. … a mere Election away from Bachman fame and her misinformation platform.

If this trend continues, as we have seen it unfold recently, with Tea Party unknowns instantly rising to Celebrity-dom, America may one day soon end up, a mere shell of her former self.

A fully bought and paid for subsidy of Corporate Titans like Koch Industries, and the American Petroleum Institute, and the Tea Party astroturf behind-the-scenes backers … whomever they may be.

Grassroots — They are Not.

The Supreme Court and the FEC need to come to grips with some very simple core issues and soon:

Corporations are NOT People.

Corporations have different goals than People do.

Tea Party ‘Politicians’ are often NOT Competent.

Tea Party ‘Politicians’ have different goals than the majority of People do.

Both of these “Interest Groups”, given enough power,

will be a disaster for the Country,

and a disaster for the Constitution … given enough purchasing power, to Co-opt the Institution.

There’s a reason why we uphold a Separation of Church and State

Near as I can tell the Tea Party aims to “tear down that wall”.

They want to enforce their own twisted view of “Morality” on the rest of us … given the chance.

Hmmm? … kind of sound Taliban-ish, eh?  … (kos was right;  and H/T to WarOnError for that link.)

God help us all — if their Ultra-Conservative Agenda accomplishes its goals, and the Supreme Court become even more Corporate-friendly than it already is.

America (and Americans) desperately needs to find more way to constrain and to punish and to Dismantle the ‘Corporate Powers that Be’ — NOT more ways to empower them, even further.

Experience has shown that unconstrained Corporate Power — is NOT the Creator of wealth for the many

But Rather that ‘soulless’ Corporate “market forces” are the “Takers” of our National wealth, and general well-being, of the many — NOT the Creators of it.

Recent Experience has shown this to be the case. … In the real world, where the 98% of us live.

Without our own personal “Corporate Boosters” … to help us get by.



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    • jamess on September 19, 2010 at 22:30

    The Truth About the Teabaggers

    Tea Party Express II: Rise Of The Tea Bags

    • Edger on September 19, 2010 at 23:23

    there are no Home, About, Media, or Blog links on that site.

  1. … when this same Republican PR firm was swiftboating on behalf of Republicans John Doolittle in 2006 and then Tom McClintock in 2008, I did some stories on them.

    Honestly, since they are a Sacramento based company, I didn’t think anybody would ever notice.

    Is it only significant when other Republicans get pissed off at them ?

    They’ve been around for a very long time.

    My attitude with the Citizen’s United ruling by the Supremes is “what campaign finance laws?”

    So I looked at the nytimes article, and what do I see?

    “They are the classic top-down organization run by G.O.P. consultants, and it is the antithesis of what the Tea Party movement is about,” said Mark Meckler, a national spokesman for Tea Party Patriots, a coalition of grass-roots organizations that does not endorse or contribute to candidates.

    Oh, Geebus Cricket on the Cracker, Mark Meckler is another one of these con artists who is just fronting for a different part of the Republican Party, just like Russo is.   He is no more a National Spokesperson for the Tea Party than he is for a Grass Valley Tupperware Party.  He is NOT GRASSROOTS.  That little twerp Meckler has done all sorts of appearances with these Tea Party candidates who are taking funding from Russo’s Express Pac.  Every time I have documented that the local Tea Party here in NorCal IS being run by these Big Oil, Tobacco, PharmaRx and Dept. of Defense contractors/pr guys for the National Republican Party, using the Tea Party identity, the local Republicans try to claim oh, no, we don’t have anything to do with them.  “We’re just grassroots.”  

    That editor moron at the NYTimes knows this, if he had spent 5 minutes with the google on the innertubes.

    In fact, I’ve read almost the exact same article before, where Tea Party Front Guy A, with the Dick Armey, TX lobbyist “Freedomworks” contingent and the Koch Oil “Americans for Prosperity”  / Howard Rich “Americans for Limited Govt”  orgs,  disses on Tea Party Front Guy B, the Sal Russo We’re Supporting Military Wingers Group, with very oddly sourced funding, and both claim that the other isn’t really grassroots, but they are.   Those Tea Express bus tours they were talking about in the NYT , were cross advertised and supported on Tea Party groups run by Dick Armey and the Koch Oil people.

    The Tea Party Express runs really dingbat Republican candidates like Sharron Angle in NV and now Christine O’ Donnell in DE,   to whom they dump a lot of money into at the last second, or even after the election, because the dumber the Congress and the Senate is, the easier it is for them to get paid and the easier it is to keep passing ginormous war supplemental spending.  They did a lot of PR work for the Pentagon before during the early Iraq war when their offshoot company, Move America Forward, sent right wing radio jockeys like Melanie Morgan and Mark Williams and his wife, Holly, over to Iraq to “support the troops.”

    King Media Group, Russo Marsh & Rogers, Move America Forward, Our Country Deserves Better PAC, Tea Party Express –   all the same Republican PR Firm, based in Sacramento, CA.  

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    Yeehaw it is an Apocalyptic horse ride after all.  

  3. then how is ActBlue legal?

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