So WHO is America’s REAL enemy?

Our true enemy has never been Mr. Hussein, Iran, Mr. Castro, Mr. Chavez, or even (CIA-funded/manipulated) Bin Laden, (CIA-funded/manipulated) Taliban, or (CIA-funded/manipulated) Al Qaeda.

Fox News and Talk-Radio pundits would have you believe that our enemy is: “liberals“, or anti-War protesters, or Mexicans, “communists”, or, of course, Muslims.

Singer Sinead O’Connor once focused attention on The Pope, when she ended a performance by saying “fight the real enemy” while tearing up a picture of The Pope.

A lot of Democrats focus their anger at the “Right-Wing”, but without understanding or without admitting just what the controlling power is behind both the “Right-Wing”, and (knowingly or unknowingly) themselves as well.

Beatles genuis John Lennon was on the right track back when he railed against “The Establishment“, and urged people to take action of revolt through civil disobedience and counter-symbolism (rather than by violence, marches, burning buildings, etc. — where “The Establishment” always wins … as they operate the Legal system as well).

Comedian George Carlin was even more absolutely right on the money when he identified “The Bankers” and “Banking Interests” as our #1 enemy (although even he too could not call them out by name).

It is unfortunate that virtually all Americans know far, far more about the ins and outs of Sports Teams, Celebrity marriages & affairs, or the next   iPad, iPod, iPhone, iJunk, etc.,   than they know who has their own balls locked in a vice grip…each and every single waking day of their lives.


Well I say that if we ever want to save our Country from the looters and the perpetual ongoing Economic rape, then it is then long past the time where we start calling out the Kingpins, and the planners by their names.  And it is long past the time that we also start calling out the associated Think-Tanks and Private Institutions that literally control what is supposed to be the public Government, our Media, and our public Election system by their names as well.

Call them out, and hold them up to the bright lights as OUR PUBLIC ENEMY #1.


So where do we begin?  Well the videos in this Diary contain the answers to who the Robber Barons are.  It is up to us all now to focus our attention on calling them out by name, calling our their Think-Tanks by name, and rejecting to cooperate with any candidates or any policy ideas that come from them, or have their backing or endorsement.

Here we go:

Rockefellers’ and friends Part 1

Rockefellers’ and friends Part 2

Rothschilds’ and friends


I hope people find these videos educational, and I hope that people begin to care about and start questioning whether candidates have affiliations with The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and the rest of the would-be controlling think-tanks.  

Find out who the candidates advisors are, and their affiliations, before they ever get your vote, or your donations.

Reject NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, and reject the crooked Central Bank Monopoly (Federal Reserve) hijacking (and control of) what was supposed to be our Nation’s sovereign and publically managed money (and perpetually dilutes its purchase value while creating interest debt to Americans). The CFR, The TLC, and their influences, are also the main reasons why all of Washington is insane, and thinks that we need to operate as a World Empire, and Invade, Bomb, Infiltrate 100s of Nations around the World (inflicting mass-murder well beyond anything Hitler ever did) until we finally all go Bankrupt.  

It’s time to finally fight back loudly and clearly against   these guys,  and the puppets who do their bidding!!

Thank-you for watching.


  1. Time to call out these people by their Names…

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