Note: One of the reasons I took a nice long break was because I felt I had pretty much said everything lol. So instead of taking the time to write a new essay saying What I Already Said…..

If You Don’t Want Republicans In Power, Don’t Act Like Republicans

Fri Dec 18, 2009

“If you pressure or criticize the Democrats, the terrorists Republicans will win.”

“You don’t want The Republicans to win, do you?”

The only reason The Republicans will win is if the Dems don’t differentiate themselves from The Republicans.

How do they differentiate themselves from The Republicans?

By giving The People…the base…what they want.

By proving they can govern and legislate FOR THE PEOPLE…not for the System, not for the Corporations, not for the MIC, not for The Bankers…

Not for the Status Quo.

The Status Quo is BROKEN.


The Status Quo is completely stacked in favor of the Ruling Class and it is breaking the backs of everyone else.

The People don’t want a BETTER Status Quo that will just screw them better. They don’t want to tune or adjust this Status Quo that so apparently and painfully does NOT work for The People.

They want a NEW Status Quo.

Preserving and “improving” the Status Quo is what The Republicans do, what the Conservatives do….that is what they are Conserving. They are conserving the Status Quo that makes them rich and powerful at the expense of EVERYBODY else.

THAT is what The People…THE VOTERS…The Base wants to see……CHANGED.

And if you don’t CHANGE it, why in the world do you think The People will vote for you again? After you have broken your promise to bring Change They Can Believe In.

Ain’t Nobody Believing You if all you do is tinker around the edges and call that “reform.” When Insurance stock is skyrocketing………….you can be pretty sure you got suckered Democrats. You got suckered (and bribed)into not only NOT reforming HCR, but into making it worse….for The People.

The People who VOTE.

So don’t come crying to US about putting Repubs back in power.

YOU are the ones who are doing that….by acting JUST like them: Screwing The People and helping the corporations.


Keeping the wars going. Keeping Wall St going. Keeping the corruption going.

While The People are going down the drain. The People who VOTE.

You can publish all the lists of accomplishments you want.

But unless you accomplish something tangibly GOOD…for The People….why in hell do you think they will vote for YOUR lies, over the Republican lies?

Wake up!


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    • Edger on September 1, 2010 at 01:14

    But it’s all worth saying again, you know?  Remember, we have to catapult the good propaganda farther than the bad guys do with their stuff, no? 😉

  2. maybe more so…

    Im busy laughing silently at some of the comments (901 and counting) on markos’ front page story, forecasting November doom.

    So….. seen any good movies lately? lol

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