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    • Edger on September 13, 2010 at 19:46

  1. Grrrrrr.  I just knew they would blow up my pony.

    They wouldn’t just not give me my pony, they had to explode it in a million pieces.

    Because the Pony is a BOMB!

    I call for jihad.  This is like burning the Koran to the Muslims.

    Next, they will blow up Mr. Happy Face and the Peace Sign.

  2. Suspicious stuffed ponies began mysteriously appearing everywhere after an incident last month in which the FL Orange Country Sherrif’s Office reported that a stuffed pony was found near the Waterbridge Elementary School.

    A stuffed pony was mailed to Ben Nelson (D-FL) and also appeared mysteriously on every desk of every Justice of the Peace in the nation.  Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Nancy Pelosi received yellow ponies, while those of the marriage clerks were rainbow ponies.  There was no note attached and no explanation for the variant color of the ponies.  None of the ponies thus encountered appeared to contain dangerous materials.

    “We will not stand for this blatent threat endangering the welfare of our elected officials,” Lieberman fumed.  “These people are terrorists, and their evil pony cult must be destroyed!”

    Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers, knocking at the door  

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