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  1. stations like that picture.

    So. Off we go. Into remodel land. The durn garage. fer petes sake. why couldnt that tree limb have fallen on top of my disgusting (falling apart) kitchen? lol.

    Still have to finalize paperwork and various matters, but … groan…. I do have to commence to cleaning out both the garage and the attached (side by side) apartment space (technically an efficiency)…. which is full of our junk. … to make ready for contractor guys to start work, maybe next week.

    at least we have gorgeous weather. 🙂

    • Edger on September 29, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    the money tunnel…

    WASHINGTON-Some sort of tax cut or earnings or money or something was reported in economic news this week in further evidence that a lot of financial- related things have been going on lately.

    According to numerous articles and economics segments from major media outlets, experts on banks and such have become increasingly concerned over a new extension or rates or a proposal or compromise that could signal fewer investments, and dollars, and so on.

    The experts confirmed that the stimulus has played a role.


    An analyst from Citigroup or Citibank announced on Monday that the Federal Reserve System is doing too much, while the Fed has failed to accomplish its goals to increase inflation or interest, which are different things. In addition, he was critical of the Fed’s efforts to regulate the Bernanke.

    “There might be a light at the end of the tunnel, but right now the markets are still struggling,” the man who was wearing a blue suit and red tie said about some special money tunnel. “At this point, though, it’s too early to say.”

    The head Treasury person, whose name sounds like Guyver or Meisner, appeared on every major network this week, either to assure Americans that everything was better or was going to get better or was never going to get better. Some other guy argued that it has never been that good. During interviews, the Treasury guy was observed on several occasions smiling or wincing.

    According to a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal, there are currently a bunch of columns filled with a wide variety of numbers, letters, and symbols.

    Geithner-that is the Treasury guy’s name.


    Time or Newsweek recently published a cover story on the recession or the government debt or incomes or GDP or something similar to that, but kind of focused on how it’s the fault of the rich, the middle class, and the poor.

    In addition, mutual funds, probably.

    It’ll be here any minute now…

  2. Although I really don’t things have been so smooth lately.  Heh.

  3. to be lies

    and all the joy within you dies

    Don’t you want somebody to troll,

    Don’t you need somebody to troll

    Wouldn’t you love somebody to troll

    You better find somebody to troll…


  4. how unhappy the woman looks, and yet how concentrated she is in making the plug go into the right hole.  How were they labeled I wonder? By state? City? I guess so.

    I had a couple of those patch bays-I bought them surplus for $10 or something and spent many hours soldering / wired them up into my studio, back when there were still wires and solder. They were cheap, and worked fine.  

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