Open Dead: Humans vs. Zombies

…..preparing for cyborg zombies:

And now THIS fun i’m planning to have is being broken up by the fuzz before I get to play my first game:

Youngstown State University Police may soon have more than crime-fighting on its hands if student Nick Uroseva has his way. This time, the police department is fighting to rid the campus of the undead … or zombies.

Uroseva is president of the Room of Requirement, an organization dedicated to fans of the Harry Potter series, but now, he hopes to create Humans vs. Zombies, a live-action simulation game of a zombie apocalypse complete with foam dart launchers and foam melee weapons, on campus.

The game, which originated at Baltimore’s Goucher College in 2005, is played at several campuses in the area including Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and Pennsylvania State University. The point of Humans vs. Zombies is, if you’re human, to survive the zombie “infection,” and if you’re zombie, to convert all the humans (think “Dawn of the Dead” at YSU).

For the YSU Police, however, Humans vs. Zombies is a game they’d rather not toy with.…

Ah well, we won’t need college buildings anymore anyways:


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  1. is closed.

    I am saddened to find this out.

  2. I think I’ll head down to the arches for a Double McBrain with cheese.

    • Xanthe on October 1, 2010 at 13:27

    thank you for the video.  Have you viewed these?  I’ll sure check in.  Because I had poor elementary training, I had to take remedial algebra when I was at university.  And was lucky to have good teacher – I was like wow – what have I been missing all these years!  It didn’t help that I was older – but this looks so good for people like me.

    However, there is certainly an upside to classes with a real body teaching – since we are social animals. Doesn’t it cut off a real need we have to do so much on the computer – a need for social life.  But for people like me trying to stay alert and engaged – it’s terrific.  I’ll get back to you after I check out.

    Math for bluehairs!


    • Xanthe on October 2, 2010 at 12:12

    night from Kahn in theoretical math.  fyi.

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