Join 100+ Candidates in the Green New Deal Coalition

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On July 14th, Green Change announced the campaign for a Green New Deal, a 10-point program to create economic prosperity together with ecological sustainability.

Since then over 100 candidates for elected office at all levels have joined the Green New Deal Coalition.

The Green New Deal Coalition will cut military spending, create millions of green jobs, and revive the economy by protecting the planet we depend on.

Green Change is inviting all candidates, individuals and organizations that support a prosperous, sustainable future for America to endorse the Green New Deal.

Read the call for a Green New Deal and sign on today.

To date, 11 candidates for governor, 11 candidates for US Senate, and 33 candidates for US House of Representatives have joined the Green New Deal Coalition.

All agree on the need to cut military spending, fund green public works, ban corporate personhood, pass single-payer health care, restore progressive taxation, ban usury, enact a revenue-neutral carbon tax, legalize marijuana, institute tuition-free public higher education, change trade agreements to improve labor, environmental and safety standards, and pass sweeping electoral, campaign finance and anti-corruption reforms.

These candidates represent a clean break with the failed policies of the past that have led America down the road to economic and ecological disaster.

The Green New Deal promises a brighter tomorrow for America – one that combines the New Deal’s promise of freedom from economic hardship with decisive action to protect our planet.

You can help build the movement for real change by endorsing the Green New Deal today and asking candidates for elected office to join you.


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    • Xanthe on September 17, 2010 at 18:37

    but I’m glad to see a green is running.  I’ll vote for her.  What the heck!

    I’ll check her website – I assume she has one, and send her a few $$$$ – just one or two less bottles of wine this month.


  1. Yes I know how to and can build an excellent warming fire in any wooded terrain for a small group of people.  Say ten to fifteen max.  Beyond that requires the use of a chain saw or additional labor with manual saws, axes and splitting mauls.  I also have some psychic healing/shaman abilities and can build, fix and engineer stuff.  I can take care of and ride horses.   Children like me and I love that innocence of new life.

    I will offer my skill in this in exchange for other people who know about food and or other people who are large enough to beat the living snot out of lower Satanically oriented fucks who want something for nothing either mentally or physically.

    Now at this point you might be asking why such a pessimistic outlook.  I am the Lasthorseman, Knight of the Fifth Veil and “God” of worst case scenarios.  If you prepare for the worst then it’s a bright new day.

    Look here, “we” have not bombed Iran yet.  Must be that expansion of galactic universal consciousness.

  2. glad to see so many choices………

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