Hey, its Boehner v Pelosi, Obama aint on the Ballot

Burning the Midnight Oil for Progressive Populism

Really, not as intense a tragedy as Kent State, but if he gets the Speaker’s Gavel in a wave election, another tragedy from my home state, Boehner of Orange.

Versus Nancy Pelosi.

People, its the midterms. I understand that many had their hopes stoked by the Presidential campaign, and many had their hopes satisfied, at least somewhat, and many had their hopes dashed, at least somewhat … but this aint Presidential Primary season. Its the General Election Midterms.

Where are the YouTubes telling young Hispanic first time 2008 voters in Spanish “Poder para el Pueblo / Nadie Silente! Vota!” … where’s the Green fightback against Republican scorched earth … is it all lost in naval gazing in the middle of General Election season?

We don’t vote in the Midterms to celebrate the choice in front of us.

We vote to shout back, to make the SOB’s in DC and their corporate paymasters unhappy with the fact that we are voting.

We don’t vote in the Midterms to place a bet on which team will win.

We vote to be in the game.

Its only one weapon in our armory. But if we don’t exercise it, it blunts the edge of all the others.


Its Pelosi versus Boehner. That’s the contest.

It aint lofty fine inspiring speeches time, its the midterms.

Its political trench warfare. And we let the other side dig the trenches … so, yeah, we are going to take some political casualties.

But even though its the other bastards who lit the oilfield, its our dirty job to put them out.

Gotta get down to it. Should have been done long ago.

Aint no guarantees in the fight for freedom, except:

Find the cost of Freedom. Buried in the Ground.

Mother Earth will swallow you. Lay your body down.


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    • BruceMcF on September 3, 2010 at 18:42

  1. Be glad if you have a candidate you feel really represents you. Give them all the support you can. But in politics, as in the naval service, when it comes to contests we must always go with the lesser of two weevils! However, if the election comes down to a foregone conclusion and there is a presentable third party, consider voting for its candidate to help it qualify the next time. If you have three or more choices you never know when one might be viable. With only two you are too often stuck with tweedel dedee and tweedel dedum, or is that tweedel dedumb?  

    • Xanthe on September 9, 2010 at 06:41

    my position.

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