Feinstein Continues to Insist on Wasting $ Persecuting Goofy Giggly People

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As California endures another summer of pointless raids,  

CA Senator Dianne Feinstein has come out against economic recovery for her struggling state,  by opposing its number one cash crop.  

CA Senator Dianne Feinstein has come out for wasting more money the state doesn’t have persecuting growth and use of a mild mood altering, pain relieving herb, one that is the easiest to grow of many garden plants.

CA Senator Dianne Feinstein used to be the mayor of San Francisco, but has decided to pair up with a Southern CA right winger, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, to co chair the opposition campaign to Proposition 19, Marijuana  Legalization Initiative, this November.  

Remember when Sheriff Lee Baca issued  “Homeland Security Support Unit” photo ID cards to his top 50 campaign donors in 2006 ?  

CA Senator Dianne Feinstein seems to be working very hard to get Carly Fiorina, a right wing Republican, and business vulture,  as the state’s other Senator, by dragging the entire discourse to the right, which can only hurt incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer, irregardless of Boxer’s stance on the issue.  

“oppose Proposition 19 – the public doesn’t need to be exposed to the dangers of pot.”

– Public Safety First, No on Prop 19

Dangers of what?

What planet are y’ all on out there in Limo- land ?  I’m much more likely to get killed by a drunken driver mixing booze with Prozac, or a tweeker !  Get Real !




Her co-chair will be L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca. This is a huge win for the opposition. Feinstein’s already voiced opposition, but she seems to be really putting some force behind it with this move.

“California will not see a single positive result if Proposition 19 passes,” said Senator Feinstein. “It is a poorly constructed initiative that will cause harm to Californians on our roadways, and in our schools, workplaces and communities. I look forward to working with Sheriff Baca to ensure we defeat Proposition 19 in November.”

No, Senator Feinstein, there is not an unlimited amount of money to throw down the rat hole for the CIA to keep drone bombing civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to keep driving billions of dollars worth of military equipment back and forth across Afghanistan, at $400 dollars a gallon for the fuel,  and then being surprised that somebody thinks to try to blow it up,  and   bailing out Hamid Karzai’s banks and his brother the opium warlord.    We are being shaken down and used by all factions.   When you print it and create the debt here,   to bribe the crooks and pay the mercenary contractor for profit army over there,  the Federal government takes from our needs here, for money for schools, teachers, medical care, roads, public transportation, and jobs. Yes, jobs.

Instead of making good schools and jobs, or at least letting people use private enterprise,  we incarcerate an astonishingly high percentage of minority males, at great cost,  while we let others go for the exact same “offense”  which in reality doesn’t offend anyone.


Have you noticed there’s a Depression on, yet the US DOJ put aside $4 Billion in stimulus money for this and $3.6 Billion to try to stop “illegal” marijuana grows ?  Just where are your priorities ?


(California ) Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko is a case in point. He told the Wall Street Journal [16] last month that although he is having to lay off employees, reduce patrols, and even release inmates early because of the budget crunch, he’s spending more money on pot busts because “it’s where the money is.”

He has spent about $340,000 since last year on eradication in order to ensure that his department gets $492,000 in federal anti-drug funds. That is “$340,000 I could use somewhere else in my organization,” he said. “That could fund three officers’ salaries and benefits, and we could have them out on our streets doing patrol.”  

Best comment under the story above from the LA Weekly blog:

Yes on 19 Supporter says:

Regardless of their party affiliations or their other political views, this flawed platform that Madam Feinstein and Sheriff Baca currently have to support will not hold up. They are simply figureheads for a coalition of prison guards, law enforcement, drug and mental health programs and other traditional prohibitionists that we’ve heard from year after year for the last 40 years about their addiction to the money train they’ve created for themselves by persecuting adults for their choice in a harmless intoxicant and collecting hard working American’s taxes and assets for a failed cause, with absolutely nothing to show for it. We’ve ended the combat operations in Iraq. It’s time to end the drug war operations in California. Go to http://yeson19.com or view us on Facebook at facebook.com/taxcannabis to learn how you can send a message to the campaign of “NO”!

Here’s who is funding this anti pot legalization committee “Public Safety First, No on 19” love child of Feinstein and Baca :

California Narcotic Officers Association of Santa Clarita, 91355   $20,500  on 7/13/10  


http://www.cnoa.org/    this is an alleged non profit which is taking donations, you can read about their “claims” of what the prop would supposedly do, here, and it’s obviously riddled with deliberate errors, obviously they’re afraid of losing lucrative Federal funds for chasing down stoners


Yet Marijuana is not a narcotic, is not an opiate, is not addictive in the same manner whatsoever.

Other contributors:  


•Christy Brown of Woodside, College Prof, $100 –

•California District Attorney Investigators Association of San Bernardino  $1000

•California Peace Officers Association  Sacramento $5000

•Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles County FDTN   $5000

California Police Chiefs Association,  Sacramento  $30,000  

From their website the CA Police Chiefs Assoc,


July 12,2010

Third, Cal- Chiefs’ inspired Medical Marijuana Task Force is slated to meet this Thursday, July 15th, for their quarterly meeting.  Proposition 19, which would legalize recreational marijuana, has now become part of the Task Force’s charge.  Further, the Task Force has been expanded to include community activists concerned about the corrosive impact marijuana operations have in their neighborhoods.  

They have a TASK FORCE infiltrating community organizers on this ?!!!!!  Your tax dollars being misused, again !  

Okay, they have the exact same wording on their “Sample Resolution of Opposition to Prop 19” that I saw on the other Ca Narcotic Officer’s site.  

Page 1

SAMPLE RESOLUTION OF OPPOSITION TO PROPOSITION 19: THE INITITATIVE TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IN CALIFORNIA RESOLUTION WHEREAS:  Proposition 19 will prevent private and public employers from complying with federal drug free workplace rules, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars in federal contracts for California businesses, as well as the loss of federal research grants by California colleges and universities; and….

They are claiming this is going to allow anybody anywhere to be able to work under the influence without consequence, this is deliberate bullsh*t.

There is also a long screed on how supposedly Prop 19 will force employers to provide marijuana smoking facilities along with tobacco smoking rooms at the workplace.  (pdf download  http://www.californiapolicechi…  )

This has to be written by a Republican political consultant because it can’t possibly be the work of an attorney unless it was the same ones who brought us Prop 8 and the End of Western Civilization.  Aha!  It is written by the California Chamber of Commerce !

Have a look at who gives money to the CA Chamber of Commerce state PAC.  Companies like United Healthcare Insurance.  Clorox Bleach.  Occidental Petroleum.  Encino Chamber of Commerce.  Pepsi Co.  Safeway Grocery Inc.  Enterprise Holdings of St Louis, MO.  Roll International.   Pacific Life Insurance Co.  


Lots more donors to the CA Chamber of Commerce PAC:


Starbucks. AT&T.  Bank of America.  Securitas Security Services USA Inc.  GenCorp.  Pacific Gas & Electric.  Anthem Blue Cross.   Eli Lily Pharmaceuticals.   Rio Tinto.  Sutter Health.   Sempra Energy.   Northrop Grumman, the aerospace DOD contractor.  Wells Fargo Bank.   Disney Worldwide Services of Lake Buena Vista.  Pacificare Health Systems.   Didn’t take me long to find the Big Pharma & Health Insurance Monopoly stranglehold on any sort of legislation that saves money and makes sense, did it ?

Oh, look, there’s billionaire Stewart Resnick of Los Angeles, the water mogul of the Kern Water Bank, owner of Paramount farms, a big time donor to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, listed as the Chair and Pres of Roll International Corp.


“Something’s not right about this CA water deal”

And I had written about the curious relationship between Sen. Feinstein and Republican Congressperson Tom McClintock on their attempt at doing a state water stealing deal for Southern CA here, back in February :  DiFi does a Pombo on Salmon, Jobs Bill Amend Guts EndSpecAct   https://www.docudharma.com/diar…

Recently up here in my NorCal Congress 04 district, we had another surprise when the local water districts learned that a consortium of Southern CA water districts that indirectly includes Kern and Resnick,  had commissioned a study to put a bigger damn, er,  water impoundment dam on the puny Bear River in Nevada County, right above where we already have a small dam which is holding back what water can be spared from it.  The spokesperson said they thought they could lay claim to the water coming over the spillway of Camp Far West.  As any person who’s ever seen it can tell you, after springtime there is no water coming over the spillway until mid winter heavy rainstorms. During the fall/ early winter one may hike or ride across parts of the dry lakebed.  Water coming over the spill way is considered a local novelty attraction and draws looky- loos.  Remember the name “Garden Bar Dam.” You’ll probably hear more about it.  http://yubanet.com/regional/Co…  and  http://www.appeal-democrat.com…

Why am I dragging McClintock in to this ?  Because there is nothing more annoying than a faux Libertarian who ran on not being opposed to legalizing marijuana, who then throws in with the Homeland Security Snoopy Spending Society Crowd the second they get into office. Currently McClintock, who has been voting neocon for his first term in Congress, only yes for war funding, no on everything domestic, has stuck his finger in the wind to see which way it’s going for Prop 19, and has no stated position.  http://www.420magazine.com/for…

Something’s not right about this CA pot proposition deal.



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    BTW,  I don’t smoke or drink or take happy pills, so I’m looking at this from the point of view of not only an observer, but one of those dreadful liberal fiscal conservatives they like to pretend are really concerned about cutting domestic spending.  They’re wrong.   Their little opium oil wars are bankrupting us.

    And here we have the Chamber of Commerce and Big Pharma determined to spread human misery and the Feds won’t give the states cop money, unless they keep doing this surveillance and eradicate crap.

    Meanwhile 600 Billion + a year to ensure the CIA/DOD/HomeLand Paranoia/Dept of State can control the mideast opium crop.

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