Faux Populism

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The government is the enemy. If we could just go back to the 50’s, things would be swell, you know.

Father knew best. Whether he left us or stayed. Lets face it, when you work 14 hours, and come home to a well dressed, obedient family pampering you, life is grand. Back when we let Father run things, jeepers, everyone went to Church, no one had to lock their doors, and all those darkies knew their place. There were boarding schools to make the Natives see the error of their ways. No one would mess with us. Teachers  didn’t spoil the child, they applied every spare rod imaginable to them, even their own. There was no crime, because no one spoke of crimes. Loose lips sink ships, and every day was Family Day and Flag Day and Church Day. Your obligation was to protect all three!


Things were better before the Government got all involved in our lives, and taxed us to death. That’s what orphanages and sanitariums were for – to keep the distasteful and dissenters out of view. Commies belonged on chain gangs and the lazy as migrant pickers. We productive Americans did fine. No one had sex, drank, did drugs or disobeyed. I mean, without the sanctity of marriage, the prescription of Dr Feelgood, or to calm their nerves from a trying day of Mommyhood. Frank Sinatra was king, and all that be-bop was the beginning of the end. People should have listened to Tammy, stood by their man, and kept their traps shut. Men will be men, and Father knew best.

We just need to go backward, backward to a time most of the people who talk about it, don’t really remember.

The path back is simple: Listen to Fox News.

EVERYONE is pissed at the government.

Fox knows that, and taps into the Populist feeling – hey, we are ordinary Americans like you, REAL Americans who just want to take our Country Back, backwards.

Because Republicans know best too! They say they hate Government at every turn, so elect them to the Government. They understand how we feel. They know Government can’t be trusted with anything.

You see, Americans are really suffering here. We voted Right, We voted Left, and all we know is that we are pissed.

We know anything Commie or Nazi is bad… anything with the word “Social” in it, but security… and Security is only for us Old Folks, who remember that Father knew best and what our heydey was like when white men ruled the World. We spoke softly and everyone feared our stick. We EARNED it, not like today’s dirty hippies and tree hugging Tax-lovers.

We are just really pissed at the Government, and Fox News knows it. They tell us whats wrong: REGULATION. TAXES. WELFARE QUEENS. MEXICANS. MUSLIMS. QUEERS. PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANNA KICK BAD-GUY’S ASSES. And ya know? Before we had those things, life was okey-dokey.

We were skating away, and suddenly the ice got thin.


And Fox is Populist. They are the only ones giving us Concrete answers of who to blame as we fall through the cracks.

No one, and I mean no one, tells us any different. So it must be true. Its the Liberals who want to take more of your money to force us to pay for Mexicans, Queers and Muslims to ruin any chance of us having a 50’s life. Its the Liberals who wanna tax our poor selves more and tax our bosses, good bosses who give us jobs, they will leave them no choice but to fire us and give our jobs to Cambodians. Its Liberals that will make death panels for the old, and kill us so some black woman can have more crack babies, and all the white women will be forced to have abortions. Fox says so. Thus it must be Liberal’s fault our lives suck. I’m registering Republican tomorrow! Palin/Beck for President.

I mean, has ANY leader come out and said, Life was really better because we once shared 70% of the Country’s wealth when Regulations were still in place? Now we share 10%?

Has anyone pointed out that Father doesn’t die at 50 anymore from working in conditions that filled his body with poison, overworked with 14 hour days and no extra pay?

Has anyone said that War is Bad, and MAKES more enemies? Has anyone pointed out that they do not “Hate us for our Freedom,” but because US companies come in, despoil their land, rape their resources, enslave their people and place dictators in place to kill them for not allowing it?

Has anyone said that crime is due to poverty?

Has anyone mentioned that rape, incest, valium abuse, and suicide were rampant, but covered up in those halcyon days? That government intervention, prevention and education made those things rarer?

Has anyone mentioned that while espousing smaller government, Republicans have done nothing but increase its regulation on private citizens while deregulating the Rich so they can have their way with us?

Has anyone mentioned that Tax cuts for the rich INCREASED the tax burden on the people; so much that on our paltry salaries, infrastructure cannot be maintained?

Has anyone said the jobs went due to greed at the top for cheaper labor and higher profits?

Has anyone mentioned that the “Family” unit has been broken more by poverty and overwork than any other thing? Poverty caused by record profits for the rich, and pay cuts for the workers?

Has anyone told them that the reason Doctors won’t make house calls is because they got trapped, that the only way to be licensed is to play by the Insurer’s rules?

Has anyone told them that Jr cannot go to college, because privatization of the industry made it nearly impossible?

There is no one to tell them any different.

As long as Democrat’s keep playing the centrist, afraid to offend the Fox News narrative, and no one will stand up and call a Lie a Lie, as long as no one will play to how they FEEL.

The narrative becomes truth.

Faux Populism.

If only because there is no Populist Alternative.

And so, they vote with their hearts for the party of the Rich.

Game Over.


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