Declined To Investigate

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DTI – That may well be the new name of our Country, or at least its Ruling Class. Anyone who does not see that this is a Class War really needs to think about the fact if you have money, or are assigned a position of Power by the moneyed class, “Declined To Investigate” is always your designation, no matter how reprehensible your acts.

In the land of those suckled on Indian-killing cowboyism, I guess I am not surprised that the DTI on torture and War Crimes doesn’t trigger any reaction, I mean those are less than human darkies in their purview …. but you would think there would enough parental triggers left in the species to make baby raping something we just might react to.

But when 264 Pentagon Employees used credit cards to repeatedly purchase kiddy porn? Nadda. In 2006, they “looked into” only 52 of those, with only 10 were charged. We are talking about people with the highest security clearances in our land… and they just Declined To Investigate them. And no one says a thing.

I’m not surprised, mind you. Rape is one of the tools they love to use as torture. Its not surprising that those who climb our military ladder to the top echelons are sick, sadistic, perverted fucks that whack off to child porn while ordering genital electrocutions of kidnapped people who have done nothing but fit a racial profile or tried to be freedom fighters for their own autonomy.

I am surprised, however, that all the rubber fetus wavers aren’t going crazy, though. Totally surprised. But of course, Glenn Beck isn’t bawling over the exploited children whose exploiters found their most profitable clients in the Pentagon. I guess they only weep when told to, at abortion clinics. Its ok to sexually abuse children, as long as women have to have those children, even as a product of their own rapes.

Citizens of this country have to endure investigation at all times – we have no right to privacy, as our phone calls, credit card transactions, and every internet keystroke is mined to make sure we are proving ourselves innocent at all times. Video cameras to ticket the unwary by mail, and video cameras on every road for unknown reasons. There are check lanes and strip searches, there are metal detectors and data strips in our money. We are the PI class. Perpetually Investigated class.

You can only be DTI of you want to collapse our entire economy in a ponzi scheme. You can only be DTI if you don’t want them to know how much oil you just spilled, how much poison you dumped to cover it up, or what its impact will be. You can only be DTI if you are private contractor granted ever new contracts, while letting your boys use human beings as video game target practice. You can only be DTI if you are killing an elected President. You can only be DTI if you are creating false evidence to invade a country and steal their oil.

These other DTI’s make looking at images on a computer, completely disgusting as these images may be, almost seem innocuous in comparison. How does one weigh the crimes of the Elites, genocide, torture, terrorizing civilians by drone worldwide, sending hit squads after International Leaders and US citizens, killing a whole ocean, making our people impoverished, the rest of the world destitute, and enjoying baby raping?

Of course they Decline To Investigate themselves.

They are too busy oppressing us so that we never have the time to catch our breath and notice just what kind of Criminals we are allowing to run our lives.

Some days, you just have to wonder… what the fuck?

Some days I have to wonder, if its not the PI’s fault for allowing this.


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    • Diane G on September 6, 2010 at 19:30

    I may have waxed hopeful on “Timing is Everything, Look to Labor…”

    But Today? Jesus Christ –

    Its no small wonder I can’t get all warm and fuzzy about making a community-based society. 99% of society are people I cannot stand for their complicity, their willful ignorance, their narrow views, their selfishness.

    Yes, that is a horrible and bigoted statement… I am an elitist. I want a world of 1%ers who know the difference between right and wrong, that believe in freedom for everyone, who aren’t homophobes, racists, religious ideologues and have the intelligence level to question things.

    I’m looking for angels on demon planet.


    • banger on September 7, 2010 at 13:04

    I think we are coming to a time when we have many more classes and privileges depending on your job, security clearance, connections, fealty and so on. This is another example of the feudalization of our society.

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