David Dees Kicked out of Sweden

The premier illustrator of all things “Illuminati” has been asked to leave Sweden and can’t afford it.


Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words.


Persecution of exceptionally creative people on a world wide basis continues. He who dares to step out of the lamestream, the what to think info-propo-tainment network.

From the Google search features I can “see” something else.  Here is the ADL take on “anti-semitic” Kentucky based David Dees.


Ok, so putting the “racial anger” aside one question is where does this guy really live and can man separate the actions of a government from it’s people.

“Anti-Zionism” is to “anti-semitism as AlQaeda is to Islamophobia in my book.

I don’t think the Holocaust never happened, hey war itself is a Holocaust but it’s does kind of take your mind off the original Pearl Harbor and “our”  New Pearl Harbor, 911.   Are all of these things orchestrated by the central banking elite.  Is history designed to repeat itself, repeat itself, repeat itself until we don’t exist.

Do we throw away all of David’s other ideas on false flu shots, Monsanto frankenfoods,central banksters,chemtrail weather modification and all of the other “conpiratory” thinking which is a year ahead of lamestream media’s “roll out” of such evil memes and themes.

A holocaust denier indeed.  We just have to round up all these people and put them in camps.