Burn This!

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Some crazy-ass Jews burn the New Testament (not something you hear much about in the Land of the Free) Some crazy-ass Christians burn the Koran (something you hear nothing but). But, hey, burning a Koran is much better than pooping and pissing on the Koran which U.S. Military personnel and private contractors have been doing for years with nary a word of criticism. We are, after all, at war with the Satanic religion called Islam.

And some crazy-ass Muslims burn bibles, flags and the faces of women who don’t toe the crazy-assed fundamentalist line.

Which just goes to show some folks worship some crazy-assed God.

But if I were to start a burning binge of an object of hate, you know what I’d burn?

The Constitution of the United States of America. That god-damned piece of paper.


Some folks think the Bible has led to more blood-lust, ignorance and crazed murder over the course of centuries, and it’s hard to dispute when you look at all the crazy-asses spouting this and that crazy-ass dogma about how God loves this crazy-assed religion over that crazy-assed religion and if you don’t agree then “off with your head” or “burn ’em at the stake” or “stone ’em to death.”

But, what do you expect from some old-timey, archaic, nearly pre-historic mumbo-jumbo whose interpretation is passed down through the ages from one crazy-ass to another like a horror-show game of telephone.

The Constitution is modern. Only a few centuries old. It has modern sensibilities like Free Speech. But how dangerous is free speech? Very. Ask anyone who dares use their right to free speech when the Banksters of Bilderberg or the Robber Barons of the G20 or the Borg of the WTO meet and folks are rounded up and allowed to have free speech in a special ‘free speech zone’ which is a really a cage surrounded goons in uniform miles away from where anyone of interest or power can actually hear the speech of the free.

We should burn the Constitution for promoting something so dangerous to the ears of dictators, tyrants and oligarchs. If God wanted free speech he would have put it in the Bible. God gave us the opposite of free speech. He gave us Commandments. Marching orders. Rules. Prohibitions. There is no Commandment which says Do What Thou Wilt. Knock yourself out. Go crazy.

And what about another nefarious freedom guaranteed in the Constitution, the right to privacy. What have you got to hide except the size of your dick or your pierced clit? The innocent don’t need no stinking privacy and the guilty don’t deserve it, because otherwise how do you know they are guilty? The government can track you every which way they want as you sleaze around to porn shops and seedy bars and gourmet food stores. Everyone is poor, where did you get the money for that Reggiano or the Aged Cheddar from New Zealand? You selling crack out the back of your Volvo? How come you still got credit left on the Master Card. How come you still got a house?

If God wanted privacy he would have put in it the Bible. But God gave us the opposite of privacy in the Bible. Everything unknown will be known. Everything. God sees and hears Everything. Otherwise why are so many people afraid of him? I know I am. I know God can see into my heart. I just pray he can’t see into my hard drive.

How about guns? The Constitution gives you the right to own howitzers and AK-47s and bazookas and cannons if you want. As many as you want. Saturday Night Specials and Magnum 44s.

There are no guns in the Bible. Guns are dangerous. Ask all those people who die every day from crazed killers, ex-boyfriends and bad cops – not to mention soldiers of terror. There are no drones or atom bombs in the Bible. But the Constitution gives the President the power kill whoever he wants, however he wants, whenever he wants. Just ask the dead wedding party in Afghanistan. What, you don’t think Obama cares about the Constitution? He was a Constitutional teachers aid or assistant or wannabe professor or something specializing in the Constitution. Presidents don’t kill people, the Constitution does. Do you think Obama would still be waging illegal, immoral and irresponsible wars of aggression, committing war crimes on a daily basis if the Constitution didn’t say, “Bring ’em On!”

The Constitution gives Congress the Power to take bribes, accept graft and trade favors. Congress has the power to bail out fat-cats while they let you starve to death. The Congress has borrowed more money than world even has and turned the American People into perpetually indentured servants. Congress makes laws to oppress you at the expense of corporations. Politicians aren’t corrupt, the Constitution gives power to corruption.

And it goes on and on. The Constitution has provided cover for despots, shelter for criminals and excuses for tyrants.

The Bible may have created crazy-asses who can’t think their way out of paper bag and have sacrificed critical thinking on the altar of dogmatic ‘yes boss’ but what has the Constitution wrought?

An empire of greed, cruelty and amnesia.

Burn the Constitution.



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