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 O.K., I’m taking a semi-break from it all today, I mean from my disgust with this Administration and being lectured to, being scolded, by the very people who, had they listened to Progressives like many/most of us, wouldn’t be in the crap election fix they appear to be in right now.  

 Well, not a total break:  a couple of days ago Bill Maher put out a great column in which he asks:  When Will Obscenely Rich A**holes Stop Crying About Taxes?.  A must read, indeed.  

 But for the most part, through the next few days, I’m going to try and let my blood pressure take a vacation from the high political climes it’s been living in the past week or so.  Instead, I’m going to try to focus on this beautiful weather we’re now (finally) having here in Birmingham, think about Autumns past, and, hopefully, cheer the Tide on to victory over the pretty boys from Gainesville (note the non-cocky attitude:  either team can win).



  The Kurodani Temple Gate. Kyoto. Nov 2009.

 As for Autumn, here’s a post from my just for fun site/blog, Autumn:  Excerpt:


“I remember one cool autumn night in Kyoto, around 2003 when I and my traveling companion had just flown across the Pacific, gone through the Rites of Immigration, Customs and Baggage Claim at Kansai International Airport, taken the “Haruka” train from the airport to Kyoto Station, been picked up at the station by Japanese language teacher from college and taken to his and his wife’s home in North Kyoto.  We ate some, drank a little beer and sake and then turned in after a long, long, long day.  The last thing I remember hearing as I drifted off . . .”

 Lots of photos, too.  Consider yourself invited.  Enjoy.  Feel free to share your Autumn memories below…

 Oh, and Roll Tide.

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      One more from Kurodani Temple…



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