And Mankind Aborted Love and Gave Birth to God….

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It started so simply, I think therefore I am, with simple self-awareness. The things that preceded that moment are still there; I hunger, I thirst, I lust, I tire, I hurt, I enjoy. Our infancy of basic need-survival was awoken to the subtle idea of more at some point.

I cannot fathom that it was simply borne of fear, this feeling, a desire to explain the inexplicable. The human psyche is wired so that whatever its external conditions are, that is “normal” for that psyche. A child born in poverty that has known nothing else does not know its poor. A woman who goes blind, just accepts blindness as part of her life, without the addition of what came later to humanity.

No. It had to be a more subtle moment. Perhaps a moment as simple as the brush of a fingertip along a lover’s lips as they slept, or the trembling goosebumps from a soft tease of the fine hairs at the nape of a precious neck. Something that awoke our realization of our magic. Something that whispered a bigger connection. The wonder of the dew on an unfurling leaf in the spring, sunsets, soft breezes, the murmur of a newborn baby. Something woke us up to the amazing fact, that not only do we exist, but the power within us was something more, a synergy created as more than the product of our basic needs.

It existed nowhere but inside of us, and we called it “Love.”  Self-awareness, the awareness of others, the awareness of the magic of Love was all within us, growing like the glorious seed of MORE, and it was us. Something growing amazingly inside of us.

We began to see that light in the other beings along our path, and soon that recognition drew us out from our small familial tribal units, to join in the wonder of others.

Humans danced with the joy of being, knowing this wonder and love grew inside of them. We were innocent, inhabitants of a garden paradise of our own making.

Then came the Word.

Who knows what madman tried to use the scalpel of words to cut our magic from our wombs, who sought to take our very power away from us. When word overpowered feeling, the abortion began.

The words said that this must exist outside ourselves, that this beauty growing inside us, our very self-awareness need to be attributed to something, someone outside ourselves. They changed the name from Love to God.

Thus? If everything we knew to be true existed outside ourselves, and all that was magic came from there, then what of the bad?  Our lives were suddenly not just what they were, but there had to be blame. Poverty, illness, death were no longer just accepted parts of the human condition, but had to have some blame. No longer were things just “what is” instead became causal.

Humanity fought back, crying out that the source of this Love, this Magic within themselves surely as an external architect could not possibly have authored their ills. But Word was the opposite of the Truth within them, and told them their ills were the fault of themselves, leaving the God blameless. Word created guilt.

Guilt became the force behind the mysteries of all; a storm became displeasure of the God, a miscarriage indication of sin. Man looked to one another, and no longer saw the kindred light in one anothers eyes, they saw suspicion. They saw someone to blame. Soon, they began to divide again, to clan and kin, trying in vain to find some way, some one to placate the Gods, and pray that the wrath fell to the others.

The Word itself created “Others” where once was none.

Othering created competition, and sect after sect began using their minds to create this external God, not only in their image, but to prove to themselves that their guilt was less, and their favor was greater.

And Man created Hate borne of God and the Word.

And man Aborted Love with his Hate.

The things that preceded that moment are still there; I hunger, I thirst, I lust, I tire, I hurt, I enjoy.

The thing that preceded this last moment is still there too if you look.




Please, for the Love of Man, we must remember who and what we are before our Creation of God aborts all that is good, holy, and magic about us. There is no God outside ourselves. Insides ourselves? There is light and love. Do not let it die. We are no subjects of an outside force.

Its the only thing we have, and we are the God-Love.

We love, therefore we are.


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    • Diane G on September 18, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    of all Evil, in my book, despite the fact that individuals who still carry there Love can occasionally do good things in spite of it.

    This non-historical parable was generated in part by a comment by a beloved meant to comfort me, that God is testing me for a reason.

    No. Don’t buy that.

    Its been a sucky 6 months.

    Mike’s Mom died because she was 91 and ill – and overall it was a good thing, not a curse.

    My son Jake broke his leg because he didn’t know how to slide and was showing off, and kids his age often have cysts in their growth plates. Nothing unusual, despite the cancer scare.

    I have a bad back because I hyper extended it when I was young and nimble and could palm the floor, unfortunately, springing up too fast before the bone spurs that align our spines were inline; they went back together at a 90 degree angle that mashed my sciatic and left me with a couple protruded and degenrating slipped discs. It went out again, because I am a workaholic who pushes myself too hard.

    Mike has cancer, because thats what human bodies sometimes do, possibly the odds were raised by the fact he has lived a hard fast life prior to me, but a life of fun and beauty. But smoking, toking, tripping and using every substance known to mankind probably fucked those odds.

    My Wolf was 17ish. I got double the years predicted out of him.

    My finances suck because the robber-barons at the top, not because I am being tested.

    My Mom was a monster because someone broke her, not because little embryo me was supposed to endure a Godly test.

    Shit just happens, and its called life.

    But without wonder, love and magic? I wouldn’t want to live it.

    That? Is inside me. NO ONE and NOTHING can take it.

    There are no gods but you and me.  

    • Diane G on September 18, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    you were so fast I tried to edit and it was already up – thankee kind sir.

  1. As I am.  I think it is the difference between the Caring Hedonist, and the Pleasure Seeker, that you are thinking of, here.

    At the bottom, I love people, but I don’t love people who are pissy assholes for the sake of being pissy assholes, and this is my weakness.  But I am also a nihilist (thus, a pissy asshole, of the kind I don’t like)

    To me, the whole world is a garden, not for us to despoil but to maintain.  Let the fruits of the world sustain us, and we sustain them, on this planet which wants with every fiber of its being to be a paradise to you and me.  This world doesn’t want to be a desert, it does not want to be a prison, but it can and will be if our demands exceed the boundaries of simple human pleasure and fear of the future.

    Let us therefore discard our irrational fears, our fears, inbred, of extinction, our fears of privation, and focus on the task.  Where the task is plenty and enough, but not more, for everyone, the Earth has proven she can sustain.  

    Inbred in the human psyche is the fear of species survival, that breeds the imperative — the imperative to see survival imperative where there is none.

    And let us explore, as humans do, not in a spirit of survival but in the quintessential curiosity which is the root of the birth of us all, that us, the human species.  To see the fruits of the mind is magic, because the mind IS magic — the only magic.

    To celebrate our existence is to quest and explore, but only a twisting to breed against extinction, to hate and despoil.

    They propose nothing in the sight of God.

  2. people come up with all kinds of shit, dont they…. re someone saying that youre “being tested.”

    Im quiet the past few days…. undergoing some “testing” myself. lol. Dental stuff, ugh. or more accurately, ow. thank GOD for vicodin.

    • Pen on September 19, 2010 at 7:39 am

    People loved.  They lost.  They couldn’t cope with that loss. Others tried to find a way to help them cope.  They came up with a fantasy that when we die, we move on to somewhere else.  

    God came out of having to cope with the loss of those we loved.  God is denial of death.

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