Al Qaeda Hates Our Soil!


On September 11, 2001, Islamist suicide-commandos crashed an airliner into the green fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, because they hate our soil!

But two more airliners aimed at the soil of Central Park accidentally crashed into the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan…


And yet another incompetent terror-pilot, aiming at the Potomac (because they hate our water!) crashed into the Pentagon instead.


So al Qaeda’s real intentions were obscured by a flood of sensational images from the Pentagon and World Trade Center, and 9/11 was almost universally misinterpreted as an attack against militarism and globalization.


  1. But so far this year has only raised $4K out of its fundraising goal of $50K.

    • mplo on September 11, 2010 at 21:33

    towards non-Western, non-white countries, and yet this horrible attack on US soil, imho, was no more excusable than our attacks on various countries.

  2. They have the secrets of free energy, cancer cures, life extension that any spry 200 year old would be happy with, forward looking time devices, the technology to take ET home, teleport to the bases on Mars and the moon or avert the impending 2012 galactic center convergence and or evolution into the fourth dimension.

    Oh, look, football season is starting.

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