21stCenPolitics: Inept Weenie Dems vs BatShit Repubs

Used to be in politics, you would wonder who would win an election. In 21stCenPolitics all you can do is wonder who will lose the biggest.

And so the story line of the 2010 Mid Terms….who will blow it worse.

On one side we have THE Most Hated Political Party in recent history (For clarity, that’s the Repubs) lined up against a party of inept weenies that are actually at risk of losing both Houses…..

To………THE Most Hated Political Party in recent history.

Unfortunately for the planet the future and the American People, one of them has to win.

Why have we come to this sorry turn? Why, when The People gave the Democrats as big of a mandate for Change as is realistically possible in the current polarization, are they even in danger of losing to THE Most Hated Political Party in recent history?

Because instead of using the tools of 21stCenPolitics… attacking your opponent every chance you get with barely true spin and memes, defining your opponent as dangerous terrorists out to kill all Americans if you vote for them, treating every vote they make or don’t make in Congress as ammunition rather than legislation, ratfucking your opponents campaign and playing the clueless sensation seeking media as an arm of your campaign…

They decided, under the direction of the now indelibly proven as a clueless naif Barack Obama, but in concert with their own undeniable weenie instincts, to adopt a strategy not of opposition to the batshit crazy assholes who openly declared a take no prisoners Waterloo…but to try to woo them.

Yeah that worked out well.

Attempting Bipartisanship with these batshit crazy Republicans has to go down in history as one of the stupidest political strategies in American Politiics.

Not only has it led to a series of bills and regulations that has actually raised profits for the vampire squids of the Insurance and Casino poobahs who are attempting to kill the Golden Goose (the Middle Class) that made America great….they have done so in such a weenie fashion that when people trot out their list of “landmark accomplishments”….people actually snicker openly.

Yes, Democratic “landmark accomplishments” so potent, so sweeping, so resonant with the needs of the American People…..that they may lead to the Democrats losing both Houses.

All while allowing the Republicans to kick their teeth down their throat in the media, in the court of public opinion, and in the minds of The American People for the last 18 months.

To the point where the atmosphere of Hope, the huge electoral turnout, and a record number of votes for Change of 2008 have turned in to a bitter, despairing, cynical pool of American voters….only 25% of whom say they trust their government.

Everyone knows the Republicans suck, (except for dem political advisers) they know the Republicans crashed the economy, took us into the Mistake in the Middle East, deregulated everything in sight leading to salmonella eggs and oiled shrimp, etc. etc. Everyone KNOWS how much Republicans suck.

And now the Repubs have handed yet another gift to the Democrats …new improved batshit crazy, with Bonus Extra Crazy, with crazy on top covered in crazy sprinkles. And…nuts.

The batshit Crazy Republicans may actually hand this election back to the inept weenie Dems.

If they do, if the Republicans prove that they are even more insane than the Democrats are inept…..

America and the world will have dodged a huge bullet. Escaped by the skin of our teeth, made it in under the wire…etc.

Because as bad as the weenie dems are, and as sad as it is to say it, the ONLY way to make progress is with the Dems in charge.

We don’t have 2 years to waste on impeachment and government shutdowns.

The ONLY chance we have of making meaningful political change, of getting meaningful Climate Crisis legislation before it is too late will be do whatever is necessary to force the weenie Dems to cave and capitulate to US, The American People…

Instead of caving and capitulating to what no one can now deny is a batshit crazy Republican Party and their base of religious zealots and intolerant bigots.

May you live in interesting times!


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    • melvin on September 15, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    consideration of gutting the EPA off its calendar. So we will miss the spectacle of the gop and Jay Rockefeller trying to outdo each other in destroying the only agency we have that is even considering climate action.

    And that is the best news out of the senate in a long time: that they are going to do nothing and keep their greasy paws off the EPA – for now.

    This is where we are now: just hope they don’t take up any topic, because we know with absolute certainty that they could fuck up a wet dream.

    Abolish the Senate.

  2. essays?

  3. I got a few chuckles last night and today reading at twitter. markos, greenwald, some of the others.

    Did you see the DNC big launch of the new logo and tagline? lol


    Is it really possible that this – http://is.gd/fcgQI – was referring to nothing more than this – http://is.gd/fcgT0 ? #PainfullyFunny

  4. of some political solution to a basic spiritual problem.

             Politics that only serves the purpose of producing political dominance is a racket and does not belong in a democracy. Time and money donated to politicl parties is a waste.

          Unlike a local group that is successful in raising money and building a playground for their school, at least there is something to show for their efforts.

        Likewise politicians should donate time and money to their community instead of sucking it dry only to use it to make accommodations to money and power interests. That is the reason that legislators are unable to compromise, that is why anybody with a story can be elected. Their governing decisions have already been settled.

           This is why there are more non voters than voters, they know that the game is fixed. You say bat shit crazy, I say “”so what”?

          Fund and build a playground for your school. Kill your cynicism.

    • Xanthe on September 16, 2010 at 12:19 am
  5. There’s a tendency to anthropomorphize the state as an extension of the body. I suppose politics can be a spiritual medium, but it then must be spiritual. American politics is based upon parties and identities and heavily reliant on personal description. It’s linguistic, symbolic.

    To the extent that politics can actually solve existential problems may depend more upon language that visualizes than language that rationalizes; the fundamental difference between many indigenous cultures and our so called modern cultures. I think it’s much easier to visualize ideas like cooperation, morality, respect for nature etc. than to rationalize them.

    We must change the way we see.  

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