Yep, They really do look alike, I guess

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Maybe it is because I’m a really great fan of Maxine Waters.  I really don’t know, but I was seriously disconcerted by Greta Van Susteren’s inability to distinguish between Shirley Sherrod and Maxine Waters.  Is it just me?  Am I the only one who thinks they look really different, really individual?

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I can’t help but feel that the repeated, endless attacks on blacks (Afro Americans) and Obama’s predilection to abandon them at the first sign of attack is a truly condemming comment on his Presidency.  Maybe they’ll go after Valerie Jarret next.  That would put him in quite the excrutiating predicament.

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  1. Somewhere, I had read or heard about that incident of Van Susteren’s (I could never stand her or her voice, BTW), but I, too, have felt some concern that there seems to be an attack on black politicians right now.  Maxine Waters has always been a favorite of mine, as well.  I wonder, too, if the charges are not being blown out of proportion.  And, maybe, the same goes for Rangle.  I don’t know.  But, certainly, their so-called “offenses” are minuscule to that of literal “murderers” in our government.

    As to Obama, well, when he first got into the Presidency, people would go around talking about how Obama would favor the blacks, give them all kinds of advantages, etc. (and I heard people say things like that, syd).  It’s hard to say what may be the truth about Obama’s neglect of black politicians — is it merely to disprove what people thought would be his modus operandi or is he truly dispassionate?

    I don’t personally, watch TV (rarely), but Faux News was in the background yesterday (I suppose, seeing what the other side has to say).  At any rate, “turdblossom” Rove was on and attacking Obama’s healthcare plan!  I heard that and about fell over (but I had to remind myself THIS IS ROVE).  I mean wasn’t it the Republicans that “nayed” just about everything in the healthcare bill, no public option, no this, no that — and now, Rove, Republican personified liar, attacks Obama’s healthcare plan?  And this has been “their” modus operandi forever.  Be against any and everything Obama may present and when it becomes sufficiently weakened down to a tepid bill, then turn around and accuse Obama of a rotten bill.

    And, needless to say, Rove is INTO everything these days — criminals, unpunished, have no remorse, only emboldenment!  A guide to the ‘shadow GOP’: the groups that may define the 2010 and 2012 elections

    I mention these things above, because I’m not completely sure of the “truth” in re your diary.  I can say I don’t believe Obama is a STRONG personage, but rather one that says, “hey, can’t we all just get along?” kinda’ thing — he was, as you know, a community leader and was probably very successful in that endeavor, but to attempt to apply the same tactics to those currently in our government is pure idiocy, unless he truly is one of ’em!  


    Finally, Social Security will NOT be giving an increase for the second year to citizens.  

    More bad news for Social Security recipients: The trustees project no cost-of-living increase for Social Security recipients next year, the second year in a row with no increase. The adjustments are based on inflation. . . . .

    Obama has formed a bipartisan fiscal commission that is working on recommendations to improve government finances, including those for Social Security. Its recommendations are due in December.

    More than 53 million people receive Social Security. Retirement benefits average $1,100 a month while disabled workers get an average of $1,065. Social Security is financed by a 6.2 percent payroll tax on wages below $106,800. The tax is paid by workers and matched by employers.

    The Social Security trust funds have built up a $2.5 trillion surplus over the past 25 years. But the federal government has borrowed that money over the years to spend on other programs. The government must now start borrowing money from public debt markets – adding to annual budget deficits – to repay Social Security. . . .

    What friggin’ misrepresentation — yes, it’s true, the gov. has borrowed those sums of money and, despite their IOU’s, their is a $3 trillion fund awaiting baby-boomers and they wanna’ get their hands on this — BIG TIME, but you know this.  So, now, while “they’re” pondering “fiscal responsibility”/”entitlement reform” with OUR MONIES, they will bleed it out of us — drop by drop until they reach their FINAL ANSWER!

    I know I digressed here and there from your topic, but, to me, it’s all related, in measure.

    Whatever the answer is — we STILL have a very huge color, racial (and religious) problem in this country, consistently played upon to “stir up hatred.”

    (P.S.  Forgive length!)

  2. …. so it’s okay.  Really.

    Normally I wouldn’t do this, but check out this comment string carefully because this is part of the dynamic that’s being played.

    Slams Edwards.

    Slams health care reform.

    Slams Sirota.

    Advocates abandoning non cooperative Dems. “Move On.”

    Did you know the President actually went before the unions the other day, and pretended he was still for that EFCA card check crap after it was deader than a door knob ?  That was to get a few more votes for the lackluster, loans for mobster related real estate type bankster guy, that they’re running for Senate in Illinois.  How pathetic is that.  

    All of these people in the comment string, even the sockpuppet,  are political operatives first, who when push comes to shove, will stick with a political party and throw anyone under the bus that gets in the way, or they are giving in at least and learning to suck up to survive.

    Because if you have followed the comments of the author of that diary, that person has no effing business whatsoever being on a what would thought to be a Dem political blog –  arrogant, hateful, nasty comments when it thinks nobody is paying attention, which shows its contempt towards humanity in general. Plus there is the problem that it’s a foreign national making these comments deliberately, to be provocative.  And if you have followed the ratings habits of who uprates it, you see they are doing their utmost to drive off the liberals and make the blog as right wing as possible. Moderator du tuti capi coddles and encourages this as does his little  pack of rt wing crazed, non thinking troll hunters at his disposal.

    Now, my district is about 50/50 the last congressional election, and it’s been unofficially “abandoned” by the party.  So we can pretty much do what we want at this point to try to marginalize these sons of bitches who like to play wedge politics of race and religion.  Like I would believe a word out of their mouths about Social Security entitlements and the Third Way Cat Food Commission, (which is all the old Clintonites coming home to roost again) after what they did to kill universal health care coverage by convincing the retiring Senators their lobbying jobs would be waiting for them as long as they didn’t get too radical.

    Now, my point is, that Fox News, Greta van Goose, er, Susteren, the right wing think tanks, Project 21, Amy Ridenour, and the Tea Party, some of the blue dogs, Sen Palpatine Party of Self and his billionaire “friends,”  and some of the White House operatives who are sending the talking points to OFA are all working together on this crap to gut the heart of the Dem prog caucus.  I don’t care if anybody believes me, but they are.  And that’s disgusting.  


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