Wild Wild Left Radio #75 Disinformation Central!!!

Tonight, August 6th at 6PM Eastern Time, WWL Radio!!!!!

Gottlieb and Diane G. are live and in color (or is that off color?) on WWL radio Friday night at 6pm Eastern Time to guide you through Current Events taken from a Wildly Left Prospective.

Hear the Unreported & Under Reported Headlines stories you should be paying attention to, from US Politics, to the farthest reaches of the Earth by the WWL coalition of subversion: undermining the PTB by speaking Truth to Power!!!!

Up is down, black is white, and you cannot a believe a word you hear!  Unless, that is, you hear it HERE!

The Oil is all GONE! Corexit is candy! The leak is stopped!  Shall we believe the official United States of Petroleum Reports????

Or maybe the leak we should be talking about is the horrifying WikiLeaks, because their leaks about all the unnecessary civilian bloodshed may be causing unnecessary civilian bloodshed??? Whiskey Tango Censored Foxtrot!

Judge Walker knows Constitutional Law, as proven by his ruling on Prop 8… but we are told not to believe him, cuz he is teh gayz! Is that the best they’ve got????

We are finally leaving Iraq!!! Shall we celebrate the shiny new “advisory brigades” that replace the “combat brigades” without all that messy actual changing or leaving: The exact same people that were the latter have become the former! Go-bama! No, I mean it. GO! Leave!!!

In the rest of the Middle East, we get to examine the shell game of whodunit/blame game as Israel ramps up war with Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, those nomady shepherd people and Martinique!! Ok, Martinique just might not be part of the blame game…yet.

War is Peace, Free Market Capitalism Loves you, Trust the Military and Marriage is Freedom!

Heh 🙂

Gottlieb and I shall try and break through the layers of disinformation and tap into the main vein of truthiness tonight! See you on the air!!!


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