You argue that American workers, and the American People, who have not yet lost their jobs, who have not yet lost their uttermost ablility to buy cheap plastic trinkets from China, that they are somehow at fault for somehow undermining the American Economy.

If you argue this, you are guilty of TREASON.

People are responsible, for the productivity and thus the wealth of the RICH, to pay their electric bills, their home and office power, their initernet, their heat .. that they should instead, buy trinkets from Corporations.

If you argue this, you are a TRAITOR.

I’m sorry if this is a difficult pill to swallow.  Really, I’m not.

The fact is, corporations have run wild with their profits and their banks of money.

The making of a false equivalency is non-operative.

You cannot want to scrape the bottom of the barrel from an American female worker with two kids, without being a TRAITOR.

And if being a TRAITOR is what you are, and what you want to do is send American ingenuity, products, and all of our futures to China is what you must do, why not be proud of it?

I am DONE with being DIPLOMATIC.

I am DONE with CUSHIONING MY WORDS so that those that argue for the stealing of even more of our money can feel good and righteous and just about themselves.


Stop both outsourcing American Jobs and American Ingenuity and playing both ends against the middle as if this is a CIVIL ARGUMENT and admit what you want.

If you want to enrich the Communist Chinese as per your Republican Wont is, admit you want to Enrich the Communist Chinese, and let the American Public make their own decisions.

For me, you called Martin Luther King a TRAITOR.  You called anyone who didn’t want more war a TRAITOR.

If you want to argue that we should send money to our foreign benefators, then you are a TRAITOR.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Shut the fuck up and admit what you are.



  1. We have been too civilized for too long.

    We have people, who are NOT of our country, enabled, by the Supreme Court, among others, to influence and decide the couse of who has power in America, with their MONEY.

    Other countries have money.  Other countreis, if money and the ability to influence were the only factors involved, could and do DECIDE who is the President and indeed the Congress in these united States.

    And the System that gave rise to this epiphany was NOT whole formed and in a vaccuum out of the rise of a SINGLE SUPREME COURT DECISION.

    Corporations have been persons under the eyes of the law for a LONG TIME.  They have been able to infuence elections for a LONG TIME, without revealing who they are, or who they’re funded by.  FOR A LONG TIME.  Only recently has it become apparent that not only are they allowed to influence our elections, as they have been allowed to do, funded by WHOMEVER, FOREVER, they can now do it without telling anybody they did anything or who they are!

    This is the ridiculousness and outrage of the Citizens United Decision.  They already had the ability to tell you who to vote for, but at least the had to tell you who they were, even if you had no idea or could not connect the dots.

    Now they don’t even have to tell you who they are.

    And the ultimate question is — these are MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS.  They have no care whatsoever for what it means to be an American.  Only their next quarterly profit statement.

    It’s time for us to speak the dirty word that American Right Wingers think they have insulated themselves against, the dreaded word TRAITOR.

    A TRAITOR is one who sells out his country for a particular political philosophy or end.  And, what have we seen?

    American companies have relocated their headquarters to places like Dubai, to avoid American Law.

    And yet, for tax purposes, we are to consider them still AMERICAN COMPANIES.

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