The Quicken Loan Shuffle

Basically financial “reform” does not mean reform.

Not gone are 23.99% credit card rates and a whole range of other business practices I call “The Technologies of Satan”.  These are high pressure sales techniques that are now being engrained into the culture itself.

As you may have read someplace over the past two years we have borrowed too much money.  People have been induced to borrow money they should not have in part by commission based salesmen.  Anyway so my mortgage is two percentage points higher than what is available now.  My mistake?

Clicking on the internet.  Pushing that refinance now button.

I did not want all of my bills “rolled into” one easy payment yet this is just what Quicken Loans did, plus insist upon this as my best and only option.

Ok, so my son’s Jeep Wrangler is attached to my credit as is my daughter’s own emergency bailout package after her car accident last year.  The entire experience being much like a software license agreement nobody reads yet clicks upon anyway.  That serious nature of incurring more debt is downplayed here.  I, or my wife may “e-sign” electronically, clicking on documents which DON’T ALLOW YOU to read first without agreeing to the “e” acceptance terms.

So, can I make the leap from this to why the “western civilized” world hates “Muslim terrorists”?  Well I did see a video about that Islamic tradition against usury.  Their practice of using gold and silver coins instead of the western world’s bankster business model.