The Fireman Returns

My piece of shit tennant is suing me for giving him a five year break the rent of 750 a month in this 1200 per month market.  Out of eight brothers only one of them in the entire family works, the rest sue people for disability injuries.

Alzheimers Dad is still incontintent but socio-Ma has a new boy friend in Richard, who I am totally convinced is only after Ma’s remaining money.  

My right upper two back teeth are making grinding noises.  Dad was about my age although he did have dental insurance when the doc pulled all of em.  I also have this new weakness in my right arm I can’t explain and the tumor on my left leg has fortunately not increased in size.

The “good” news in these “interesting” times.  Well the grandson’s all still love me and there is a fourth on the way.  I will most certainly NOT be living in the same residence I was living in nor will I be able to be near and care for the ones I love most dearly.