The Big Bubble Is Bursting: Is There Life After Capitalism?

Here Paul Jay of the Real News talks in November 2008 at The Krahl Academy about US foreign policies, blowback, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the concurrent crises of capitalism, of media, of economies, of terrorism, of fascism, of corporatism, of corruption in US political parties, about the shit hitting the fan, and about one part of the solution for it all.

I originally posted this at Antemedius as one part of the solution, shortly after the video was released, in October 2009.

Jay’s talk is about 40 minutes. Watch the video. It’s worth your time, and beats TV all to hell. I guarantee it.

If I’m not doing the thing I feel is most significant, then I feel empty inside.

–Paul Jay

Real News Network – October 4, 2009

The crisis will deepen, we need real news

Paul Jay of The Real News speaks at the Von Krahl Academy, Estonia in November 2008

Is There Life After Capitalism?

The Von Krahl Academy started in the year 2003 in collaboration with Radio Night University – a radio programme broadcasting lectures on various topics. The Academy opened a series of scientific-artistic events with the aim of learning more about the world we live in. The result of the first session was a musical production called “To Define Happiness”, based on S. Hawkings texts and original music written by Gavin Bryars. (The result can be seen here: )

Von Krahl Academy asks questions to which mankind has seeked answers through all times, but does it in a more playful form. The topic for the season 2008/2009 will be the future society. Post-postmodern, post-industrial, post-oil, post-capitalist – however we would like to call it. Can we see and describe it already today? What and where will be the superpower of the XXI century? Will there be a new narrative, new common story or ideology for the mankind? What about love, death and loneliness? As always, Von Krahl Academy is not accusing the past, but hopes to find ideas and solutions for the future. Estonia as one of the smallest countries in Europe is – because being so small – in a unique situation that is unimaginable for bigger states. Be it getting attention to new ideas or to convince yourself and your fellow citizens that one can fly.

To discuss the topics of interest Von Krahl Academy holds series of open lectures and forums. To illustrate the topics under discussion we produce concerts, spectacles and exhibitions.  On the 5th of October the Academy will be opened by Jakob von Uexkull. The Academy will be attended by Rob Hopkins (giving a videoconference), Mark Lynas, Andrew Cohen. In November you will hear Catherine Austin Fitts, Jonathan Dawson,  Paul Jay. From Russia there will come Andrey Illarionov and Vissarion.

The themes stretch from global warming to creating ecovillages, from independent media to describing transition culture.

The ideas of the Academy are supported by Tallinn2011 and through their webpage you can also ask questions from the lecturers.


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    • Edger on August 22, 2010 at 23:00

    and we either make one on purpose, or we live through one we made anyway.

  1. he doesn’t include the non-elected power establishment as an entity of government as long as he spoke about Colin Powell?

    I think that it would be of great service to the nation if there was a media that covered reality instead of  dog fight of politics. The parties are enemies like fighting dogs in a blood ring are, except for the fact that all of their fighting is rhetoric and citizens and inhabitants are the ones who are injured. News media is to society like 8 track tapes are to music, practically useless and obsolete.

    I ask why there is a bias against capitalism instead of a bias against allowing capitalism to overrule democracy and integrate with elected politicians and the non elected power establishment that is government today.

    Any economic ideology will fall prey to the same dynamic, case in point, the USSR. Communism may have been destroyed but it was totalitarianism that was the problem and is still alive an well in the world in the form of conservative ideology.

    I ask why after presenting a good summary of the dynamics of this out of control system, why he doesn’t synthesize his findings. Even though this is chaotic and often conflicts with itself, these  are not separate phenomenon. This is the government; politics is fully integrated into the government, freedom to protest is given to everyone but it is just another mortgage scam; everything that is protested gets repossessed.

    Why does he not explain how an improved media will help people to build a society from which a new politics can arise. No reform, no new ideology can impose itself with all of these population variables, a new media is no exception. It is another structure that people have to build brick by brick outside politics. Again, it has to arise from a different society.

    I ask why he refers to Liberals as a knowing class and not a doing class. This is another assumption of the blabbing culture that has to be challenged and my personal challenge to other Liberals who have to get off their fat asses and start working instead of passing judgement.

  2. …that the Obama Administration’s failure to proceed with investigations and trials where warranted into the Bush-Crime-Co malfeasance is what has paralyzed Obama’s Executive branch.

    Oh, those terrible Republicans. Indeed, indeed. Who can deny it? The Republicans are bad news.

    But when I hear President Obama and the Democratic leadership blame the Republicans for the Democrats’ inability to pass progressive legislation, I get angry. Nancy Pelosi could have instituted impeachment hearings against Bush and Cheney once it became clear that they had misled the nation into war. At the start of his Administration, Obama could have pushed for prosecution of Bush-era crimes related to the war, torture, the politicization of the Justice Department, corruption of federal agencies, election fraud, and other matters.

    In short, President Obama and the Democratic leadership’s effort to shirk responsibility for effecting progressive change is belied by one salient fact: had Obama and the Democratic leadership prosecuted the Republicans for their numerous serious criminal acts, then the GOP would no longer be in a position to mount an effective resurgence.

    You can find Don Smith’s article          here

  3. …Paul Jay is a real favorite of mine.  He speaks truth to power.

  4. On the 5th of October the Academy will be opened by Jakob von Uexkull.

    I spent my entire (adult) life thinking he was from another era entirely.

    Maybe there is hope in resurrection.

    • jamess on August 29, 2010 at 03:03

    great video.

    ain’t it the truth.

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