Some news from Hugh Giordano’s Green campaign for state legislature in Philadelphia

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I’ve been gone all summer – traveling, gardening, volunteering a bit, and doing some other things – and as much as I had a lot of fun, it is nice to be back.  In all that time, some interesting things have happened with what I consider to be one of the better Green campaigns in the nation this year, and one that I’m very involved with, Hugh Giordano’s campaign for state legislature as a Green.

In case you don’t know who Hugh is, he’s a 25 year old union organizer running as a Green in PA’s 194th district, which is mostly in Philadelphia and also a bit in Montgomery County (for locals, it encompasses Roxborough, Manayunk, parts of Lower Merion, and some surrounding areas).  He’s been running a great campaign, knocking on doors, holding fun fundraisers, getting in the newspaper, and raising as much money as a typical Green congressional candidate.

Anyway, below the fold is some news from the campaign, including an endorsement from a fairly prominent local Democrat.

In July, Green Party candidate for State Representative in PA’s 194th district Hugh Giordano received the endorsement of Bill Morris, a Democrat who ran and lost in the May primary.  The news made several newspapers, including the Philadelphia Public Record, which ran the headline “Green Party Candidate May Liven Up 194th State House Race:”

Giordano is not your usual Green Party advocate. An organizer for United Food & Commercial Workers Local 152, Giordano has practical political experience and union connections. He has been working the District, which encompasses Roxborough and Manayunk along with parts of Lower Merion Township and Wynnefield, ever since the winter…

But the Dems are still split from their bruising primary, giving Giordano his opening. Over the weekend, Giordano received the support and endorsement of former Democratic Primary candidate Bill Morris…

“I sat back and thought hard about who is the best candidate to represent this District in Harrisburg,” said Morris. “At the end of the day, I feel Hugh is the best candidate.” Morris, a union carpenter, thinks Giordano, a union organizer, understands the issues of working people and the middle class and will stand by them against the corporate executives that control Harrisburg.

Giordano has been in the local paper more recently for his efforts to reach out to young voters (at 25, he is a very young candidate himself):

“It’s very encouraging to see so many young people getting excited about politics and my campaign. The voters have a real chance here to vote for someone who truly stands by them and the issues that affect them everyday.” Giordano feels its important for young voters to stay engaged and on top of the issues of jobs, environment, and public education because these are all issues that are going to affect them in their future; whether it’s a year from now or ten years from now. “Citizens need a state representative who understands them and is a true independent, and these issues must be tackled now,” said Giordano.

Chris Rodgers and Mike Torpey feel Giordano is the best choice in November, because he knows the issues and has lived in the district his entire life. “We both have known Hugh since high school, and when Hugh say’s he is going to do something, he does it!” said Rodgers.

And though it didn’t make it into any newspapers, as far as I know, Giordano also participtaed in a demonstration against the fact that every single third party statewide candidate was tossed off the ballot by the major parties in Pennyslvania this year:

Hugh Giordano, Green Party candidate for State Representative in the 194th district attended a rally on August 15, to ensure that Third Party candidates keep their place on the ballot in the November election. Giordano is officially on the ballot in November, but for some other Third Party candidates, they still have a fight ahead of them. The Republicans have challenged three Libertarian Party contenders who are running for Governor, U.S. Senate, and Lieutenant Governor. Democratic U.S. Senate nominee, Joe Sestak, challenged a Green Party candidate who is attempting to join the race against Republican Pat Toomey.

‘I think this is an attack on democracy to the fullest, and quite honestly I think the Democrats and Republicans are cowards,” Said Giordano. Giordano is outraged that the two party system has such strangle hold over the Pennsylvania voters and feels that every voice deserves to be heard and recognized in a democracy. ” I cannot understand why anyone would register with the two party system, let alone voter for the Democrats or Republicans,” said Giordano, ” Why would anybody vote for a party or candidate that not only forces you to vote for them, but also attacks your freedom to vote for the candidate you feel is best for the job.”

Giordano also has some upcoming events listed on his website, including an end of the summer happy hour on August 31st and a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on September 19th.  If you don’t live in the area, donations are always appreciated.

This is just one part of national and international movements.  The Greens in Australia won big the other day, gaining their first seat in the lower house of Parliament and the balance of power in both houses – so, yes, we can do it.  We CAN build an alternative to the corrupt, destructive two party system!

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