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  1. because, ya know, they should know…

    Gates also said that regardless of whether the outlet that published the reports, Wikileaks, can be held criminally liable for the leak, he views them as guilty of a moral transgression.

    “There are two areas of culpability. One is legal culpability. And that’s up to the Justice Department and others. That’s not my arena. But there’s also a moral culpability. And that’s where I think the verdict is guilty on WikiLeaks,” Gates said. “They have put this out without any regard whatsoever for the consequences.”

    ~ Defense Secretary Robert Gates

    and of course…

    “I would point out that although you’ve got the news about the WikiLeaks documents that that came out this week and clearly Julian Assange’s effort was to change course for the US policy in Afghanistan,” Cheney told Fox News’ Chris Wallace Sunday.

    “He was unsuccessful in that. He does clearly have blood on his hands potentially for the people whose names were in those documents who helped the US and I think that’s something he will have to live with now,” she continued.

    “I would really like to see President Obama to move to ask the government of Iceland to shut that website down. I would like to see him move to shut it down ourselves if Iceland won’t do it. I would like to see them move aggressively to prosecute Mr. Assange and certainly ensure that he never again gets a visa to enter the United States,” said Cheney.

    “What he’s done is very clearly aiding and abetting al Qaeda. And as I said, he may very well be responsible for the deaths of American soldiers Afghanistan,” she concluded.

    ~ Liz Cheney

    But wasn’t Chelsea’s dress gorgeous?


  2. portrays narration by a 50s era radio station late night dj, as described by the following lyrics from the song…

    “…An independent station  


    With jazz and conversation  

    From the foot of Mt. Belzoni

    Sweet music  

    Tonight the night is mine

    Late line ’til the sun comes through the skylight…”  

    Unfortunately, this was the best video I could find…

    • Edger on August 1, 2010 at 22:30

    “Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong”

    • RiaD on August 2, 2010 at 03:42

    (just the first song…)

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