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  1. sitting here waiting for the power company to show up… phew, okay, he’s come and gone now… he turned off the right breaker.

    HUGE tree limb just came down in the back yard about an hour ago… fell on the power line that goes from the house to the garage/laundry room. Scared me half to death.

    *thank gods I wasnt standing under it,

    *thanks gods I parked my car in the other spot (because of the downpour rain) so it wasnt damaged…. top tips of treelimb fell onto my usual parking spot,

    * better now than during a hurricane,

    * our Yard Man (who owes us $/labor) will be over in a bit with chain saw in hand.

    * WHERES the damn camera cable?!?? lol. Took pics but dont know how to upload without that cable.



    • Edger on August 30, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    He blogs at orange, right?

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