Obama’s War On The Left Has No Exit Strategy:

  1. We’ve heard President Obama himself snidely mock a group of single payer Health Care advocates, at a Town Hall meeting, as:   “the little people“.

  2. We’ve heard the President’s own White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, bash all progressives (the very people who voted for him) and call them “FU*KING RETARDS”.
  3. And now we’ve heard the President’s own White House Spokesman, Robert Gibbs, derail that the Political Left as all just a bunch of “drug addicts“, and also crazy apparently as well (the equvialent of: “FU*king Retards” – hence a common theme emerges).
  4. We’ve also heard Gibbs insist that the agenda of “the Left” is solely to abolish the Pentagon in it’s entirety altogether, and claim that Dennis Kucinich campaigned on this point (even though Kucinich did no such thing).  And more Rush-Limbaugh-esque smears and attacks by Gibbs on “The Left” were that they would never be statisfied with Obama under any scenario, unless a full Canadian style Health Care system had been passed into Law (which is also more lying nonsense).

In answering the question: Did he still stand by his comments?“, Robert Gibbs said an unequivocal YES    (and this is about the only thing in the entire world that Barack Obama, and his administration, have ever been unequivocal about in their lives).

What we have been witnessing here is the real, behind-the-scenes, governing sentiment being expressed here by President Obama and his entire All-Neocon, All-WallStreet, Pro-WarCrimes, pro-BankOligarchMonopoly, faux-Reform administration…just finally spilling over the edges and into public view. Obama’s pure contempt and haterd of The Left is now undeniable and absolute, and can never be taken back. It was not simply the case, that he was outflanked by a minority of GOP politicians, or intimidated by Fox News. The truth is that Obama hates “The Left” and is committed to the wrong side (the Dark side) on all the important issues where real government reforms and government action is absolutely required (to reverse the damage to our Country over the last 8 years).

The man who cynically campaigned for Election purposes (not unlike Richard Nixon) on ending the Wars, and also “ending the mindset that got us into the Wars“, and on insincerely made platitudes of “change from the bottom-up” and “hope” while whoring for Campaign donatations from “the little people”, has now revealed himself to be a total Political Fraud, and a wholesale bait and switch deceiver of the public — both in his policy terms and choice of advisors (which are obvious), and now also even in his public messaging as well.

It’s important not to view these statements as mere abberations, or some sequence of unrelated events. What they are is just the inner monologue of Obama, and his political cronies, bursting out for the World to see. No mere teleprompter speech or scripted Press Conference could ever now erase that.  Only actual job firings, and real policy changes could ever display any indication that an End to Obama’s War on the Left could even be a remote, credible possibility. But we already know that we won’t be seeing any of that.

As Alan Grayson says, Robert Gibbs just knows, and worships at the alter of, FOX NEWS Talking points and little else.   But what Grayson does not say and overlooks here is that these are the sentiments of President Obama and his entire administration — and no apology in their minds is due (much less policy change we can actually believe in).

It is time to recognize some hard truths:

  1. Obama’s Foreign Occupation of Iraq has no Exit Strategy of any credibility.

    Obama’s so-called draw down of troops is a pure semantic game gimmick, where he is committed to maintaining 50,000 (or more) “non-combat” counter-insurgency armed forces. This is simply a rebranding of an illegal, imposed military occupation (which our government would regard as tyrannical if any other Nation was doing it). Obama has, in fact, even INCREASED the presence of Military Contractors in Iraq, including Blackwater. We still will have 18 permanent manned Military Bases in Iraq forever, and a new U.S. Embassy larger than the size of the Vatican – all under Military command support. The U.S. Foreign Occupation of Iraq is therefore permanant policy as long as Obama remains the U.S. President — no matter what claims come out of his mouth. And it just so happens that John McCain was only being more honest when he stated that we would remain there for 100 years.

  2. There is no Exit Strategy in Afghanistan, only senseless, Deeper expansion, Corruption, Death, anti-American hatred, Drug Trafficking, War-Profiteering, and utter waste of Taxpayer money ….. that could be better spent on ______ (fill in the blank) with this President.
  3. There is no Exit Strategy in Pakistan, and the madness of Robo-Drone civilian Bombings with this President.
  4. There is no Exit Strategy from the Unconstitutional U.S. Patriot Act with this President, and don’t even get me started on the ongoing, endless criminal Human Rights abuses, and loss of our Liberties (and why isn’t Bradley Manning a Hero?).
  5. There is no Exit Strategy to Obama’s Neocon Military encircling of Iran and Venezuela (Countries that never harmed any other Nation themselves, but simply possess Oil Reserves).
  6. And there is no Exit Strategy from The War on “The Left” as long as this President, and his foul-mouthed, elitist, pro-Oligarchy staff sits in the Oval office (and continues to disgrace it).

We Need A New President Folks, and the time is not 2016 — but 2012.

It surprises me that both Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich have given statements saying that they won’t run in 2012.  Howard Dean did more than virtually anyone to help Elect Barack Obama and put him into a position of power, and yet Obama totally ostracized Dean from his administration, the DNC, and in essence from any role in the entire Democratic Party itself. Obama also owed Dennis Kucinch a huge favor, for having told his own supporters to switch (unselfishly) and vote for Obama in the Iowa Primaries back in 2007 (which Obama very narrowly won, and which gave Obama his big momentum). Yet Obama won’t ever repay Kucinich back either.

Regardless of what Howard Dean and Kucinich are saying publically right now on TV, you can be sure that the thought has crossed their minds about giving voice to meaningful policy change during the 2011-2012 Primaries. And they have nothing to lose — as they already have been treated like chopped-liver and ostracized by Barack Obama and his cronies. So why not step up and give voice to a new policy for 2011-2012, and make clear just how totally absent and insincere any change is or will be, with Obama (and stay-the-course appointees) calling the shots.

So really, what has either Dean or Kucinich got to lose here? Nothing.  Just as in 1968, we saw Eugene McCarthy and a wavering Robert Kennedy eventually both challenge a failing incumbant President (Lyndon Johnson) and by doing so electrify a War weary public desperate for a change in direction.  

The same can happen again. So we all know what “The Left” should do now.  It’s time to let the word go out directly to Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich, Russ Feingold, and even John Kerry (not my favorite choice, but a guy more interested in government transparancy and re-evaluating Afghanistan than Warmonger Obama ever was or will be) that:  we have got their back!

We want them to step and run in 2011-12, and we’ve got their back when and if they decide.

If Gibbs and Obama want “crazy“, then let’s call their bluff and give them some serious outflanking on the Left-Middle that will get Gibbs eating those words once and for all.



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    • jamess on August 14, 2010 at 04:28

    I’d Vote for Dennis or Howard,

    if they ran.

    We don’t have the luxury of time,

    and more tortoise like moves.

    Of course those are some big IFs.

  2. Gibbs’ divisive language was meant to distract us from his boss’s dismal performance.   I will put my urine up against Gibbs’ any day, and in fact, I will travel to Washington to give him a fresh and warm sample.

          –Cindy Sheehan

  3. of real ‘moderates’ and even the apolitical, the people who were comfortable are losing everything. The American Dream is no longer feasible or even slightly credible. The measurements of right left center are meaningless when the politics and the economy and even national security get this insane and unhinged from the common good. In the sixties people could delude themselves that they were middle class and hitch themselves to American values and screw or get screwed made more sense.

    The dissatisfaction now comes from both sides and the middle to boot as the reality that they must live in becomes more and more intolerable. The powerful interests strategy of divide, conquer and fear cannot hold when people have nothing to lose. Ideology and promises that are just rhetorical cannot feed your family and by the time the pols are done people will not care if your a moderate. I think it will get worse and how I don’t know but the day will come when they only choice people have is to fight.

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