“Net Zero” at Ground Zero? Just say NO!!!!!

I mean, how painful is that to the survivors of Ground Zero, when everyone knows all terrorism starts with the internet. So building the Net Zero at Ground Zero is simply fiendish, trying to make legions of baby terrorists out of lego-star-wars playing kids, who will learn to plot to take over our American way!


I mean look at the subterfuge of the Net Project: With your very eyes you can see that they are fighting along with a Satanic figure, not to mention artificial life forms. God hates artificial life. He only loves life HE creates, in the dark, by couples who married as virgins, in the missionary position and with no female orgasm… or by rape. Same, same. God only loves those life forms, not artificial ones. And just LOOK at those weird robes they are wearing and helmets. Even the women are covered by it. It is repressive and stone age! God only loves Christian virgins who go commando in short skirts. Covering all that T & A is just wrong. And that Han & Chewbakka team is obviously not only GAY, but promotes BESTIALITY! Net Zero is trying to program the kids, I tell you. If we allow this, America is dead!

Even the NAME is blasphemous. No one would pick the name “Net” unless they wanted to insult those who are followers of the LORD GOD, since everyone knows Jesus cast his NET as a fisher of men. Its a code word to insult us fish and make us feel like zeroes.

Its a plot to destroy the very fabric of America, this Net Zero Project to destroy the memory of Ground Zero!  

Wait. You mean Net Zero is a dial-up internet service? They aren’t building at Ground Zero?

Welllllll then. Whats all the hoopla about anyway? I am SURE whatever it is, unless its a Tammy Faye cathedral to the one true Church of overmade-up, distraught, weeping wives of cheating, pin-dicked husbands, I can object to it: the name, their intent and just know in my heart they want to program our kids to be America-killers.

Let me at them!

/dripping sarcasm….

So lets talk.

Let me get this off my chest. Harry Reid is a fucktard. I mean, that isn’t exactly news, when overshadowed by the ignorance of people like Rand Paul who thinks his State’s Claim to Fame in History is the Dukes of Hazard, or the Bitchzilla from Wasilla who sees Russia from her porch, or at least could before she hid Russia from behind a 80 foot privacy fence.

If you listen long enough to the drooling, slack jawed haters, you get the message loud and clear.

If anyone does ANYTHING reprehensible while being a member of YOUR particular affiliation, you must renounce that affiliation in order to build ANYTHING. Want to build a community center a few football fields away from ground zero? Renounce the Koran.

Whoa. If that be the case, St Peter’s Basillica needs tearing the fuck down, since it was clearly built a few hundred years AFTER the Crusades… or the Inquisition in which whole peoples were slaughtered, burned and tortured to confess, repent or be killed. Nothing says bad building permit like the religion that brought you the Rack.

In fact, nearly every Christian Church in America needs to go. It is an utter insult to the survivors of people killed by the Salem Witch Trials to have endure the pain and memory of what Christians did to their families, Wiccan or Not. Nothing like an old sink or swim test, a little burning alive at the stake to say “Thou Shalt not Build Here!”

Want to build a Church? Renounce the Bible! I mean, seriously Christians are the hands-down winners in the “done REALLY bad shit” awards… they’ve swept them every year since time immortal.

You see my point?

I, for one, am sick to death of the Desert Death Cults battling over whose revision of the Psychotic I AM WHO AM of the Gulf is the best. Our whole History is nothing but a series of competitions between re-programmers working off a database that was flawed from the start.  I swear the whole story was invented by some lost and thirst starved, psychopathic nomad, who had never been laid in his life who licked the wrong toad or ate the wrong mushroom trying to survive. Wa-Laaa! A really pissed off god was created. What else could explain it?

I hear those who speak of Judeo-Christian values, and think to myself – lets be honest, its Judeo-Christi-Muslim standards and all three are based on a book by an egomaniacal, misogynistic, racist, vindictive PRICK.

Ok, so I’m a little cranky this morning. No, not really cranky, exasperated that the fear and loathing technique works so well still.

Talk about visiting the sins of the fathers on the sons, especially sons that had NOTHING THE FUCK WHATSOEVER to do with 9/11…. and talk about Religions without sin casting the first stone????

They are lying about the intent of the name “Cordoba,” (now renamed Park 51) they are lying about the proximity of the building site, a site which, if I may add, is in a neighborhood that has been abandoned by everyone else for NINE years. They are lying about it being a mosque, it is a community center with a couple prayer areas on the top two floors. No domes, nadda.

They are highlighting grotesqueness like the image of a woman on the Cover of Time, whose nose was cut off (I suppose to spite her face – that’s the old Testament God if ever there was one) to ramp up Islamophobia. They are trying to make us all think of everyone in the area as “Stone Age” peoples…. when the truth is?

The Christio-part of the Troubled Triad of The Desert Terrorist God is the one that has been axing, sword-ing, bullet-ing, then bombing them back to the Stone Age for TWO THOUSAND years. Talk about a serious case of Middle-Child Syndrome.

So, we need to bomb into oblivion that woman’s entire society, her mother, father, children, husband and, well HER, in order to prevent atrocities like her mutilation???


Fucking Really?

Lets be honest here… other than population control and public relations (read brainwashing) this all has NOTHING to do with religion.

Never really has.

Its about controlling the assets in a never-ending Monopoly Game, and religion is the get-out-of-jail-free card.

Its about Gangs and Turf wars, and demonization. Its about teaching us everyone else is “Other” and you Protect your Own, even by lying, and its about they aren’t really human, not like us, so lets kill them all and gain a whole block of territory. Lets face it, Hitler was the epitome of Gang Leaders. Now America is trying to do the same to Muslims. We want their Oil and Gas.

So lets put up cartoons, not with big noses this time, but of mutilated girls, and rag-heads and call them the biggest threat to “us” EVAH! You can’t talk people into mass-murderous, genocidal rages without a serious propaganda campaign. Its West Side story without the voice-overs, its Nazi’s with drone bombers. We are being fed the case to another genocide and human-hate war. Its the same tactic, history repeating in cyber-time with better weapons. PROPAGANDA.

And there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING that can ramp people up into supporting it like a 2000 year old Family Feud. Especially when the Dad of the Family was a twisted, abusive fucktard to begin with.

Imagine… all the people, living life in Peace?

There’s only one way to serve old I-AM‘s:


Good luck with that. I’m gonna go sharpen my light saber.

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    • Diane G on August 17, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    I really have no idea what’s going to come out of my brain in the morning…. this was a nice surprise. Heh.

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