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So I had the pleasure of reading this piece of shit recently:

Building on the concepts they first developed in Generations and 13th Gen, Neil Howe and William Strauss now take on Generation Y, or, as they call them, the Millennials. Unlike their rather distressing portrait of the more reactive Generation X (the 13th Gen), or the negative stereotypes that abound about today’s kids, this is all good news. According to Howe and Strauss, this group is poised to become the next great generation, one that will provide a more positive, group-oriented, can-do ethos.…

which was, of course, written by Boomer Generation authors who are allowed to publish such things seeing as they were born first and therefore have had enough time to gain the necessary “credentials” to tell our story as if they’re an authority on it.

So now, a reply from a Millenial….

First and foremost, please, by any means possible, go fuck yourself as hard as you can.  I mean, really give it to yourselves and if your viagra/cialis fueled hard-ons can’t reach your own asses, let it be known that you are more than welcome to fuck each other in order to make sure you are both properly fucked..

How’s that for a “positive” attitude?

With that said, allow me to go on as to why I urge these authors to go fuck themselves.

Every generation has been reported on by those who are apparently the “authority” on such subjects and who are always part of an older generation.  A better approach to this book would be to allow members of the Millenial Generation to say why they are or are not the greatest generation, put it in the book, license it under Creative Commons, and make it available for free download via http or torrent.

The reason being that that is exactly what our generation would do in your place.  Or post it on a blog, reddit, and/or YouTube.  Create knowing full well it can be copied and downloaded for free on the internet the second it’s in electronic format.  We also wouldn’t expect compensation but know that it will provide a more accurate description of who we are as a generation.

Second, where the fuck do you get off trying to generalize ANY generation especially mine?  Oh, that’s right, you’re fucking Boomer’s.  Hippies in the 60’s and 70’s turned multi-million dollar yuppies on the album sales from “Greatest Hits” collections of The Who and Janis Joplin in the 80’s that you are now suing the fuck out of my generation for downloading illegally  while simultaneously amassing huge wealth in the business sector during that period that has all now allowed you to pass the fake paper profits via the credit default cumswap where you forcibly snowballed the buck down our fucking throats.

Yeah, thanks for that “Greatest Generation”.  

And now, in an effort to once again monopolize a subject that’s created by the collective whole of a generation, you have recorded a fantastical image of my generation that amounts to the bullshit “Gold Star” awarding method you raised us on, telling us we’re all “winners”, only to fuck us on the way out and make up the majority of the Tea Party movement that don’t want the government to pay for our generations health care.

You want a description of my generation?  

Ok, here it is.

Our attitude towards the future:

Picture a New York City clean-up worker looking at the absolute mess on the streets of Time Square after New Years knowing full well they have to clean all this shit up.

Now picture that they have to do it for shit pay, with no benefits, and while also told that they have to pay for the clean-up or risk being dragged to court for any debt they’re delinquent on.

Our “can-do ethos”:

This goes back to the “Gold Star” rewarding system your generation raised us on telling us we’re all “winners”.  

Yeah, we really do think that we can do anything and yes we’re more than willing to do it together.  However, what’s keeping us from doing anything is, well, you fucking Boomer’s.

Case and point, Nancy Pelosi went to go see the musical “Hair”, knew every word and sang along to the songs.  The news reporting on this said this was possibly due to the fact she is fond of her generations past and culture which would explain her “liberal” stance politically.  In fact, many Democrats (including Obama who held his Presedential win speech in Grant Park even) like to think they are now IN the system changing it and from that “spirit of ’76” so now the “good guys” are in charge.  


You have the house, filibuster proof majority in the Senate, and the fucking White House yet when push comes to shove, they fold faster than one of their favorite bands from the Hippie age who get told they’re not getting paid the ridiculous amount of money demanded for a gig.

We believe we can do better than you in governing but wouldn’t ya know it, ya gotta be at least 30 to get to the high positions in government like the Senate.

In summation, we “can do” it, but you won’t let us.


So that’s where Millenials are at.  The ability to do it all but either not being allowed due to our age or impossible to do due to the strict, oppressive, not to mention in most cases hopeless and impossible socio-economic conditions you put on us to do it in.

We’re literally stuck in a state of trying to repair everything you fuck up because you refuse to listen to our suggestions.

Like when we fix older citizens computers but wouldn’t have to if you just learned how to avoid fucking it up in the first place…..but you’re too stubborn to listen to our helpful prevention tips as well as your willful ignorance in its maintenance.


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  1. this video won’t give you a virus even though it’s not from YouTube:

    Just that someone from your generation ordered that the embedding be disabled.

    Wonder why that i$…

    • Edger on August 7, 2010 at 17:45

    felt about the same way, way back when.

    From the Live At Leeds album (vinyl, btw) released 16 May 1970 when I was still 18 ;-)…

    “Young Man Blues”

    Well a young man

    He ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days

    I said a young man

    Ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days

    Well you know in the old days

    When a young man was a strong man

    All the people they stepped back

    When a young man walked by

    But you know nowadays

    Well it’s the old man’s

    Got all the money

    And a young man

    Ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days

    You know nowadays, if you’re the young man

    You ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days

    Now I’m an old man. But only on the outside.

    And if your computer fucks up on you give me a call. 😉

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